Month: March 2017

Here’s 4 Ways your web presence is probably cheating your small business

Are you cheated by your Website and Online Presence? How do you know that your business is getting cheated by your online presence? The first sign is that you rely entirely on word-of-mouth referrals. Think I’m crazy? read on… As consumers, we all hope to find a reputable company that will provide a good value, and solve our problems. I’m saddened by how difficult some companies make it to find their services on the web, and even frustrated when I find out that I missed out on a solid vendor or solution – all because their web presence is...

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The Trait of a Loser: Why is my small business failing?

Why is my small business failing? If you’re asking that question, you’re already ahead of the pack. At the core of failure is one trait that turns people into losers.  That trait is Pride. Those that win in business, are humble and will seek insight, but fools have no interest in understanding, and only want to air their own opinions. Great Leaders ask Great Questions. Great Business Owners have a Team of Sound Counselors. All of us are implementing and leading something. Whether we’re leading a small business, a family, a personal development plan, or anything else; we’re living out...

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FeedbackWrench is an SEO Company in Minnesota

We want to help your small business win with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Amazon Alexa Focus on your core buyer & most relevant regions Beat your competitors with helpful content The Secret Sauce is how our SEO integrates with our entire business development approach Integrated with an inbound marketing strategy to win over the long haul We’re not just in the business of SEO, we help your business go from good to great. We take a strategic business approach to dominate your local region – utilizing a combination of SEO, inbound marketing and online reputation maturity. We’ll help you establish a business that not only drives clicks, but that earns and sustains the trust of your community; but you need to do your part by delivering a “5-Star Experience” and being worthy of the trust in your Minnesota SEO Company for Small Business Are you a business owner that’s great at executing in your industry, but not necessarily a slick salesperson or a technology guru?  Then we’d love to come alongside you and show you how we’re so much different than your typical firm trying to SEO for small business. FeedbackWrench is an SEO Company in Minnesota that’s dedicated to helping you grow your small business! Our Minnesota SEO Difference? We know that for most business owners, they don’t need to spend tremendous resources seeking the first...

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FeedbackWrench is a Web Design Company in Minnesota

Your Small Business Deserves a Website that Delivers Results. Establish a site that’s technically sound and fast WordPress is our core tool because we believe it to be the most relevant system in the world Bring your buyers through the buying process with a strategically designed website Leverage forms, CRM, Email Marketers, and Hubspot to do the work for you Use your site to hire new employees, drive customer feedback, and add value to your current clients Web Design has been simplified by WordPress.   Now it’s all about executing an inbound marketing plan, and abiding by Google’s Priorities....

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Four Keys to Building Trust for Small Business – Some Tuition from BEST BUY

Four Keys to Building Trust with Prospects I’ve been in sales for about 15 years, and I’ve interacted with tens of thousands of people spanning the gamut of sophistication and complexity. From helping entrepreneurs navigate the tax code, to investments, to learning the bible, to cell phones, to a USB cord – I’ve had lots of different interactions that I lovingly call “tuition.” I can tell you from experience, the key to sales is Trust. But Trust is not about being a sales person – but being a fiduciary-level guide. Sales vs. Relentless Pursuit of the client’s best interests: BEST...

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