Month: May 2017


CATERPILLAR MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU My Dad has worked at the local CAT dealer in Minneapolis for over 30 years.  I grew up knowing that CAT is the best value for a business because of it’s superior parts, service, and build quality (usually). When it comes to a profit producing machine – literally a PROFIT producing machine like a tractor, you’ll want to make sure it’s not sitting on the job site in need of repairs, or a part that’s nearly impossible to get.  While I’m sure CAT has had it’s moments of winning and losing over...

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How ignorance will kill your Minnesota small business

What would your biggest critics say about your business, even if you didn’t agree? I love Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell and Marcus Lemonis in the show “The Profit” Their shows involve basically the same thing:  Failing business owners reach out to them for their help, investment, and expertise.  The guys will come to the business, restaurant, or hotel for a couple of weeks, and do everything in their power to turn it from a turd, to a diamond. What I love about Marcus Lemonis on the Profit, is that the first thing he does after investing money, is take full charge...

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Minnesota SEO Strategies – The 3 Fundamentals of Long Term SEO

Minnesota SEO Strategies – The 3 Fundamentals of Long Term SEO. If you’re a Minnesota entrepreneur or business owner that’s trying to gain that magical advantage of showing up in Google’s search engine queries, I’d like to add some value. The SEO strategies of 2017 Penguin updates, Mobile first initiatives, and the ever changing landscape of technology keeps business owners backpedaling. Eventually there will be no tricks to get found on google, except through fundamental web development and delivering trustworthy services in your business. Anything that games the system today, will eventually be shut off by Google. Why? Because, Google is relentlessly pursuing the best interests of their customers, Who are Google’s customers? Anyone searching for something on their search engine. Think about it, how frustrated do you get when you’re looking for a company or a specific solution to a problem, and the only thing that pops up are web results that are bait-and-switch, or trying to sell you something? Do you get annoyed by click bait that dumps you onto a site with so many popups that your literally stuck on the site? Product Reviews – a Perfect Example I’ve noticed that finding true product reviews is often difficult, because with the advent of Amazon Associates and affiliate links, people create “item review” pages for things they really have no perspective on. I hate when I’m trying to find...

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