Month: June 2017

5 ways entrepreneurs can build sales fitness

Sales is the most important part of every business…..   Small businesses and entrepreneurs carry so many burdens and wear so many hats, that the most important, and difficult job, can get put on the back-burner. Sales is the most important part of business.  Because without customers, there is nothing to do.  But sales is also much like working out, there’s a strange discipline and tenacity that it takes from people.  In other words, it’s easy for people to let their salesman-ship get “un-fit” Sales is like fitness – it’s takes determination and will, and it’s uncomfortable. What would happen to...

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Where Are All the Small Business Job Applicants?

Why Isn’t Anyone Applying for Small Business Jobs? Over the past two weeks, I’ve talked to almost a dozen entrepreneurs that have thriving businesses that are completely stuck and unable to find good quality people to join their ranks. Read our quote about how small businesses can find skilled employees. Most of these small businesses are the kinds of places you can go to and add tremendous value quickly while being apprenticed in the mastery of a skill. For example, I talked with a manufacturer and diesel mechanic that cannot find anybody to come help him serve small businesses...

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From an Insider: 4 Ways Financial Advisors are Bad News

4 Ways Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, and Financial Representatives are bad news Not all financial advisors or planners are bad, just most of them.  I want to provide you with some ways that financial advisors slime people because I’ve gotten fed up with the industry after seeing it from many angles I was a fledgling financial advisor or “investment advisor” for 2 years, and while I started out strong, I ended up quitting to build a tax and accounting firm, and Minnesota SEO company. After leaving my time as a Pastor at Eagle Brook Church, I was recruited into the financial...

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5 Habits Keeping You Stuck in a Dead End Job

5 Habits Keeping You Stuck in a Dead End Job I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people about their income, business, family, and life, over the last couple of years because of my Minnesota accounting business & marketing firm, and I’ve learned some things about people that are stuck in a dead-end job. Have you ever found yourself in a dead-end job thinking “how did I end up here?” dreading every Monday and morning?  Well, here are some of the things I’ve noticed about the people that complain the most about their job. 1 – You...

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How to Go Viral

Get Noticed Online The Internet has billions of users. Together, we create more content in one second than one could ever consume. Even so, there is content that stands out. Surprisingly, a video comes out that all of your friends have watched. An article is written that everyone seems to know about. Content like this is consumed millions of times—maybe even a billion times or more in rare cases. What makes content stand out amongst the noise? Certainly not self-promotional blabbing or pleads for people to share content just because you asked them to. Viral content is born when...

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