Month: August 2017

SEO For E-Commerce Businesses

What is E-Commerce SEO?  Is your small business focused on e-commerce? To have any chance of competing with the big boys in this industry, you’re going to have to get smart about your SEO strategy. After all, companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Target play in this space, and your small business can’t afford to be dominated by them on every search engine results page. Don’t worry. Even as a small fry, you have the opportunity to win big in e-commerce by utilizing SEO best practices that will put you on the map. SEO is a massive topic, and we...

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Bad Grammar & Spelling Errors are Punished by Google

Beware the Typo: Google Cares About Bad Grammar For some of us, the worst case scenario is being realized. According to research done by Moz, Google is officially beginning to associate bad grammar and spelling errors with “low-quality” results (Rand Fishkin, “Low-Quality Pages” Moz Blog). For some of us, this is bad news. After all, it can be a major headache to proofread, especially if you’re not a natural when it comes to editing posts. If you’re worried about your pages being viewed as “low-quality” or if you want to know more about the damage a typo can do,...

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Is Your Website Ready for Topic-Based SEO?

Semantic SEO is Coming Search engines are getting smarter and semantic SEO is on the rise. Semantic SEO, thankfully, isn’t a scary term that refers to a complex new wave of search engine optimization techniques. In fact, semantic SEO is a very simple and logical idea. Semantic SEO refers to what we like to call “topic-based” SEO. While search engines have been requiring singular keyword optimization for years, we’re starting to see that change. While search engines used to read sites and hunt for a keyword, say, “SEO Company Minneapolis” they are now finding relationships between keywords and allowing your...

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Facebook Advertising Changes (January 2018 Update)

Facebook Advertising Changes – January 2018 It’s 2018, and we’re anticipating that all sorts of Facebook ad changes are on the horizon. So far, the social media giant has been quiet to start off the new year, but some important information did come out in a personal post shared by CEO Mark Zuckerburg. In his post, Mark shared his concerns with Facebook and the things that he hopes to address with it in the new year.  The issues he mentioned fixing won’t come as a surprise for many –  Interference with Political Elections Preventing Hateful Content from Being Distributed...

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Here’s How to Get Quality Backlinks

Quality Control: How to Find Great Backlinks If you’re on the hunt for quality backlinks (as opposed to the thousands upon thousands of other backlinks that you could be collecting easily) then you’re already on your way to SEO success. There are a handful of ways to gather great backlinks easily, and a bunch of ways to do it that take a little bit more effort. However, there’s one thing that we know for certain – getting quality backlinks that point to your site is almost always worth the effort. …getting quality backlinks that point to your site is almost...

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