Month: September 2017

Measuring Content Marketing Campaigns

How Are Content Marketing Campaigns Measured? How do you measure a content marketing campaign? Isn’t it difficult to say whether one has succeeded or failed? The short answer is yes. Measuring the success of content marketing campaigns can be very difficult. When companies decide to embrace content marketing – the idea of providing value to their customers via marketing – a lot of questions start to arise. How does giving away value translate into sales or any kind of marketing success? Here at FeedbackWrench, there are a few metrics that we measure that should help you to understand whether...

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Getting Backlinks to Convey Trustworthiness

On Google, trustworthiness and relevancy are the pillars of SEO. On other search engines, the idea is similar. On our blog, we talk a lot about the best ways to convey both trustworthiness and relevancy. In this article, we want to focus on trustworthiness specifically. The best way to earn a search engine’s trust is by gaining quality backlinks. If you’re not sure what a great backlink is, be sure to read this article about getting quality backlinks. If you’re aware of what a great backlink looks like, but have had trouble getting them, then this article is for...

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4 Marketing Lessons Learned from Hollywood

4 Things I Learned About Marketing from Inside Hollywood Two years ago at this time, I was living and working in the city of Los Angeles. To be completely honest, my “work” at the time was an internship, and my “living” was in an apartment with roommates from school. But now, looking back, it’s easy to see that there are many, many marketing lessons that can be learned from the city that’s famous for movies, music, and just a little bit of mayhem. In this article, I’ve compiled 4 of the most important things I learned while working as...

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Here’s What to Do When Your Website Doesn’t Appear in Search Results

How to Get Your Small Business to Appear in Search Results If you just tried and failed to find your business’ website in Google search results, then this post is for you. A search engine optimized website should appear for search terms like: Your Business Name (Easy) Local Industry Keywords (Medium) Other Industry-Related Keywords (Hard) If you’ve recently searched in any of these categories without finding your website, we’re here to help. Let’s start with the easiest one – ranking for your own business name. Why Isn’t My Business on Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Believe it or not, but...

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Unconventional Marketing Ideas: StumbleUpon

Advertising on StumbleUpon Ever been on StumbleUpon? The site literally exists to bring users to landing pages. The catch, of course, is that the users are coming to these pages with the expectation of being entertained or informed. On StumbleUpon, users pick a series of interests (say, sports and entrepreneurship) and then click “Stumble”. After clicking Stumble, the user is served a web page relating to their interests. If they did select entrepreneurship, they might be treated to an interesting blog post or a video about small business ownership. This content could be relating to business law, digital marketing, or...

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