We’re putting together a list of the top 3 house cleaning services in Lakeville Minnesota to celebrate the amazing value they add to the lives of Lakeville residents.

Finding a maid, house cleaning, or turn-around company can be difficult, but we scoured through websites and Google Reviews to identify the best house cleaning services, companies, and maid services in the Lakeville Minnesota area.

House cleaning services are about so much more than just cleaning your house – they’re about investing in relationships, peace of mind, and margin.

Whether you’re interested in Lakeville’s top maid services because you’ve been looking for an alternative, or you’ve been meaning to start a routine of keeping your house in better shape for company, we’ve got you covered.

Top 3 House Cleaning Services in Lakeville Mn

How did we determine the Top 3 House Cleaning Companies in Lakeville MN?

We’ve boiled it down to ranking them by their Google Reviews & overall reputation in the area.

Top 3 House Cleaning Services in Lakeville Mn

How We Chose The Top 3 Cleaning Companies in Lakeville Minnesota

Reviews represent execution.

If you meet or exceed expectations, your maid service will generally be able to get a high ranking from clients. Getting Google Reviews takes effort, but they’re also accessible to nearly everyone, which is why we chose to rely on them so heavily.

Lakeville Maid service providers are true entrepreneurs and their ability to satisfy their clients is of utmost importance when it comes to identifying the highest rated house cleaning services in the 55044 area.

Every year, we compile a list of the highest rated companies in the Twin Cities area to provide an aggregate of what’s happening in each industry.

Search Criteria:

Most residents in Lakeville are making Google queries by searching for phrases like: house cleaning services lakeville mn, house cleaning companies lakeville mn, and maid services in lakeville mn.

On top of that, the Google My Business system would also take ranking signals from the proximity of the address to a business listing, and then rank them for Lakeville companies when searchers Google house cleaning services near me, house cleaning companies, and maid services.

The businesses that we ranked here are among those that you might find appearing for these search terms.

So without further ado – here is what we’re seeing for Google Reviews for the house cleaning companies and services in the Lakeville Minnesota region.

Top 3 House Cleaning Services in Lakeville Mn

The Best House Cleaning Companies in Lakeville MN

#1 – Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

top house cleaning companies lakeville mn

Tidy Touch Twin Cities is located in the south metro suburbs and they serve the Lakeville area. Tidy Touch has an aggregate rating of 5/5 stars, with a total of 24 reviews.

We chose Tidy Touch as #1 on the list because of the impressive aggregate rating. While the company is still building up their review count to reach the quantity that other companies see, we were impressed by the lack of any negative review that may have brought Tidy Touch’s overall score down.

#2 – MyGirls House CleaningTop 3 House Cleaning Services in Lakeville Mn

best house cleaning companies lakeville mn

MyGirls Housecleaning has 4.9/5 Stars and a total of 44 reviews.

Keeping such a high score on your Google My Business page is always a challenge, but doing so once you’ve accumulated 44 reviews is even harder. We chose MyGirls House Cleaning as our #2 choice because of this.

#3 – Dynamic Duo House CleaningTop 3 House Cleaning Services in Lakeville Mn

best house cleaning companies lakeville mn

Dynamic Duo Cleaning is based out of Burnsville Minnesota, but the company serves the entire south metro suburban area. They have an aggregate of 4.7/5 stars with a whopping 47 reviews.

As in the case of MyGirls House Cleaning, we had to say that we were quite impressed by the high score that the company has throughout so many different reviews. Customers seem to genuinely appreciate the work that Dynamic Duo does, and we definitely think that they deserve the spot on this list.

Have you had any experience with any of these Lakeville house cleaning companies? Then take to Google and review them so they’re able to convey the trust that they’ve earned!

Here at Feedbackwrench Web Design, SEO and Marketing, we think that there’s nothing better than seeing an entrepreneur build up their online presence and capture all the trust they’ve earned. Online reviews “immortalize” their reputation, and it’s fun to see great companies earn so many positive testimonials.

It’s not enough to have your business based off of referrals that stay up to the whims of a chance conversation – it’s much better when a referral that’s been earned is then captured and immortalized via a Google review.

Take time to review the companies that matter most to you!

Note: To be fair – we have clients that are ranked among the top-ranking house cleaning companies and we’re excited to provide them an outlet to be recognized.

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