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An SEO Company for Small Businesses and Ministries in Brooklyn Park

We want to serve as the outsourced marketing team for your small business or ministry. Just like Brooklyn Park residents, we’re from the Twin Cities metro area. In SEO, local search is important, and as an SEO firm, we believe it’s important to be local in order to understand how to optimize for local searches.

Think about all of the businesses you know of that are based out of Brooklyn Park or the north metro. No matter what kind of business venture you pursue, your bound to have lots of competition. However, there’s a way to cut through the noise online and attract the right kind of customer to your site. We’ll help you optimize your website for search engines, for customers, and for just about anyone who needs someone with the unique expertise that you have.

Optimize Your Website and Score Customers

We love serving local companies because we are one ourselves. We know from personal experience that search engine optimization can produce amazing long term results, but that even basic SEO optimization has incredible short term benefits. We feel privileged to work with local businesses all across Minnesota to provide them with the same results we have seen for our own business.

Combining Web Presence Marketing with SEO

There are useless websites all over the internet. A useless website typically consists of 1-4 pages that serve as an online version of a business card. Without finding the link via a physical business card or ad, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever come across this kind of site. On the other hand, an optimized website that appears in search engine results stays consistently fresh with new content. It can be found for hundreds of different reasons and is seen by qualified leads on a daily basis.

Combining Video Marketing With SEO

It might not seem like there’s any kind of a relationship between SEO and video production. However, what we’ve found is that producing high quality, professional grade video has a massive effect on SEO. More and more, people are turning to video rather than the written word. With search engines placing a value on social media as well as on-page behaviors as a way to indicate whether a page should appear on the top of a search query, videos that keep users on your site longer and clicking more are extremely valuable. We know that in Minneapolis, there are lots of video production houses to pick from. However, we also know that many fail to relate video production to SEO.

How to Succeed in Minnesota Search

A lot goes in to reaching the first page on Google, Bing, or other search engines. While utilizing basic SEO best practices will help your business to advance and grow online, it takes an in-depth understanding of the major factors that play in to search engine optimization to reach the first page on any search engine. If you’re interested in having your site optimized or just want to talk more about what these major factors are, please do feel free to contact us.

Leading the Pack in Searches Local to Brooklyn Park

For most local businesses, especially those who are service based, it’s not necessary to make an impression on a worldwide audience. It is far more likely that your business is serving people in places like Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, or Lakeville. Even if your business has grown beyond a merely local audience, it is critical that you first capture first page results in local service areas before attempting to rank for regional or national terms. For many businesses, the absolute most important keyword is “[Your Industry or Service] [Your City or State].” Here at FeedbackWrench, for instance, one of our core focuses is videography. An important term for us to rank for would be “Videography Brooklyn Park”. If we did rank for this search term, we would see many leads who are interested in videography coming to our website.

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