DOMINATE LOCAL SEO: How to Advertise Google My Business Reviews on Adwords with Location Extensions

DOMINATE LOCAL SEO: How to Advertise Google My Business Reviews on Adwords with Location Extensions

All right, well hey everybody. Rob Satrom from Feedbackwrench. We help small businesses go from good to great and I want to help general contractors, construction workers, services business. It can be house cleaners, chimney repair, kitchen remodelers, concrete driveways, concrete repair, any service based business. I’m going to show you how to utilize Google…

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How to post to your Facebook Business Page on a phone

it sounds silly, but it can get really confusing trying to learn how to post to your business page, particularly after you’ve converted to the business. account. in this quick video I’m going to show you how to grab your phone, and post to your business Facebook page as well as how to quickly…

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How to Speed up a Godaddy WordPress Website

how to start a business

Why is my Godaddy Hosted WordPress Website Slow? If you found this, it’s probably because you’re frustrated with the slow performance of your GoDaddy website. There’s one thing that will speed up your GoDaddy hosted WordPress website, and it’s been particularly important in 2018. Hopefully you’ve done the basics of making your website fast by doing…

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How to Take Jaw-Dropping Photos on Your Phone

great phone photos

We’ve all been there. Trying to preserve an important moment and realizing that the photos on your phone are turning out…a little bit less than desirable – to put it nicely. Whether you’re an entrepreneur taking photos of recent work or a parent attempting to capture a child’s first soccer game, great phone photography has…

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Websites for Construction Companies: 6 Reasons Why Websites and Strategic SEO are Important for Construction Companies

Websites for Construction COmpanies Minnesota

Web Design By Feedbackwrench Looking for a Website For your Construction Company? Construction Branding & Web Design If you’re looking for a Website for your Construction company, we’ve got your covered. Whether it’s a completely custom branding and website package, or a cost-efficient template based site, we serve construction companies of all sizes. Construction Video…

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Why Our Agency Hosts Websites on Siteground

siteground web hosting

When planning to set up a website, most people decide on their hosting platform as something of an afterthought. Setting up web hosting can be complicated, frustrating, and, let’s face it – downright tedious. But even with all that said, we would never encourage a small business or even an individual to look at web…

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What is SEO?

What does SEO stand for?

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Modern SEO is the practice of developing your web presence into an authoritative source with relevant solutions to Google Queries. There are three sections to a SERP or a Search Engine Results Page: 1 – AdWords Paid Advertising 2 – The Local Snippet 3 – Organic…

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PageRank Checker in 2017-2018

Pagerank Checker Google pagerank

PageRank and PageRank Checkers We’re heading into 2018, and PageRank Checker is being searched 14,800 times per month. One thing is clear -people are still searching for PageRank, Google PageRank, and PageRank checkers.  If you’re looking for a PageRank Checker in late 2017 or even 2018, we want to help you understand that things have…

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Should You Use Multiple Domain Names for One Website?

multiple domain names

If you’re trying to figure out how to set up a second domain name for your website, then this article is for you. Before you decide on using a second domain name, we want you to know what that will mean for your SEO efforts. Over the last 20 years, best practices on the internet…

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What is Pogo-Sticking in SEO?

what is pogo-sticking seo

The Worst Possible Outcome in SEO: “Pogo-Sticking” If you’ve ever come across the term “pogo-sticking” in SEO or marketing articles, you’ve probably already gathered that it’s not as fun as it sounds – at least not by this definition. Pogo-sticking, in SEO, is a term coined by Google. Pogo-sticking is a term used to describe…

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Buy an SSL for Your Website, Folks!

buy an ssl certificate - https encryption for your website

Alright small business owners, I’m not going to get really geeky here, but I want you to know about an important feature you should purchase and install on your domain name. It’s called an “SSL certificate” and it transforms your website from being “unsecured” to “secure.” How can you tell if you have one of…

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Why is my Website Slow? Image and Photo Size and How to Fix

do big pictures hurt seo

Large Images Make Your Website Slow Why is my website slow? Why is my WordPress site loading slow? Website taking forever to load? Why is my Website so SLOW? If you’ve been asking any of the questions above, chances are that you’re website is really slow because of large images. Large images are a huge…

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Latest Trends and Changes in SEO Heading into 2018

With the lightning speed at which some established internet writing protocols take place, it is even more important to keep up to date. Search engine optimization strategies have not escaped the sweeping tide of change. To not get left behind in 2017, here are a few of the latest trends which will make it into…

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Measuring Content Marketing Campaigns

How Are Content Marketing Campaigns Measured? How do you measure a content marketing campaign? Isn’t it difficult to say whether one has succeeded or failed? The short answer is yes. Measuring the success of content marketing campaigns can be very difficult. When companies decide to embrace content marketing – the idea of providing value to…

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Getting Backlinks to Convey Trustworthiness

On Google, trustworthiness and relevancy are the pillars of SEO. On other search engines, the idea is similar. On our blog, we talk a lot about the best ways to convey both trustworthiness and relevancy. In this article, we want to focus on trustworthiness specifically. The best way to earn a search engine’s trust is…

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