New Tax Law: 2 reasons Not be an S Corp. LLC vs S Corp

Need Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax planning & Accounting? Check out XENDOO – Xendoo is my Favorite Small Business, All in One Solution for Bookkeeping Software, Bookkeeping Done For You, Payroll Software, Payroll Done For You, CPA Advice, Personal and Corporate Tax Return DONE FOR YOU – all rolled into one. Cost between $150 & $300…

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Xendoo: The Small S-Corp Holy Grail for Payroll, Bookkeeping Service, CPA, Accounting 1120s, and Tax Returns

Xendoo the Best Payroll, Accounting and Tax for S-COrps

If you don’t know this already, implementing an S-Corp can save you a ton in taxes. If you’re an S-Corp though, you’ll need: Payroll Service 1120s Corporate Tax Return Good CPA Advice to manage the tension between a reasonable salary and distribution. Bookkeeping & Accounting Corporate Documents Well, I’ve found the HOLY GRAIL of Accounting…

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How to buy your first investment property with Duplexes & Multifamily

Get Rich and Avoid Taxes with Duplex Real Estate Investing How to get started in Real Estate Investing  Want to buy a Duplex, Triplex or Quadplex? Check out The Duplex Doctors.   Wondering how to get started with investment property or rental property? Check out this video collaboration between myself and Drew Hoefler of…

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S Corp vs. LLC The Tax Difference between LLC and an S-Corporation

LLC vs S-Corp – What’s the difference? Do you have questions about the Tax Difference between and LLC and S Corporation? Are you wondering how much taxes you might save with an S Corp conversion rather than being taxed as a Sole Proprietor? Watch The Video Below. LLC vs. S-Corp What’s the Difference between an…

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