Client Spotlight: Just Rite Painting

A Minnesota Painting Company Worthy of Trust

We love working with companies that do a great job delivering world-class results.  The surest sign of this kind of execution is repeat business and referrals.  Last year, I was introduced to Justin Kubiczki, owner and found of Just Rite Painting in Minnesota.  A large base of people sang praises about his quality of painting and the lineage of satisfied customers he’s built.  After praising his work, they would then say something like “he’s done really well for so long, and he never even had a business card!”

Justin had focused squarely on delivering superior results, which had allowed him to build a successful Minnesota painting company over the last decade.  Justin had built his company in the best way possible – by executing and delivering an amazing value to his customers.  These are my favorite types of clients – those that get-it-done, in spite of their marketing efforts or online presence.

If we’ve learned anything from working with Just Rite Painting MN, it’s the difference it makes when you focus on detail, relentless pursuit of excellence, and treating the customer right. Of course, when you’re working with a team like Just Rite, the difference can be quite obvious at a glance. What we’ve really learned is that there are many different reasons why that difference is so noticeable.

When the Just Rite Painting team approaches a job, they meticulously prepare. While most amateurs and, frankly, many professionals would simply start by slapping on some paint, we’ve found that the Just Rite team takes a much different approach. Instead of diving in head first, they meticulously prepare.  In fact, as we were getting to know Justin, he said that the biggest difference between a high-end Minnesota painting company, and a low-bid painter, was preparation and attention to small details.

But the difference between Just Rite and the rest of the pack doesn’t stop there. Just Rite Painting is also known for a completely seamless finish that blows away the competition. One look at the Google reviews for Just Rite Painting and you’ll know – even the pickiest of customers are completely satisfied with the work that Justin and his team do on a daily basis.

just rite paintingWhat it Means to be “Just Rite”

Justin and his team know that there are a lot of painting companies out there. When you’re looking to paint your house, whether inside or out, you have dozens of options to pick from. However, Just Rite has never had to worry about the competition, because their emphasis has been on exceeding customer expectations from day one. For 15 years, Just Rite Painting didn’t do any marketing at all. Instead, they simply relied on word-of-mouth marketing to drive business. That’s the difference that a whole lot of happy customers can make.

Just Rite Painting might sound like it’s just a catchy name, but with a reputation for excellence it’s easy to see why the company can call themselves such a thing.

Why We Love Working with Just Rite Painting MN

Any company that so consistently satisfies its customers gets our attention, but we also love Just Rite for having a reputation of courteousness and friendliness. Sometimes, the idea of letting a contractor or service professional into your home can sound intimidating, but when you open the door to Just Rite, you can be completely confident in their character–not just their work.

The Best Painting Company in Minnesota

One of my favorite things that’s happened while working with Justin and Just Rite Painting, is that we worked hard to perform some humble outreach to the customers he’s served over the last decade.  Justin hadn’t set up a Google My Business Page, which means he hadn’t worked to get his clients to provide and online review of his services.  When we set Justin up with his Google My Business Page, and taught him the importance of solidifying the trust he’s earned with people – he set out to get bona-fide reviews.

When he provided his clients with an outlet to review him, the results were amazing.  Almost 90% of his painting customers ended up following up with a personalized review – and now he’s the top rated painting company in Minnesota with over 40 Five-Star reviews from real clients!

Relentless Pursuit of the Client’s Best Interests

One of the themes in the reviews that we saw, was that Justin had built a reputation for superior quality results, at a reasonable cost, and he always made things right with customers.  It’s inevitable that things will go wrong occasionally with customers – and the way a company responds is critical.  The response to a missed expectation has the power to deepen trust with clients, or remove it.  Just Rite Painting had built up a reputation of always making things right – while experiencing an incredible low rate of problems in the first place.

These are the types of businesses I love to work with, to serve, and to support.  If you’re looking for an incredible painter for your home, whether it’s the perennial exterior painting, or you’re trying to modernize your home, Just Rite Painting is someone we wholeheartedly trust.

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