Client Spotlight: Tidy Touch Twin Cities


Meet Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

We love locally-based entrepreneurs who work hard to build their business and delight their customers. Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning, a Farmington based company, has consistently proven that they value their customers by offering them a superior cleaning every time they’re called.

Sadly, in the house cleaning industry, there are lots of companies that are considered to be subpar, dishonest, and inconsistent. Thankfully, companies like Tidy Touch work hard to be everything that these companies aren’t. We admire Tidy Touch because they go above and beyond for their clients and exceed even their own industry’s standards.

It’s no surprise that Tidy Touch has been growing quickly and serving more and more satisfied customers on a regular basis.

tidy touch twin cities house cleaningWhy Consider A House Cleaning Service?

By working with Tidy Touch, we’ve realized more and more that house cleaning services aren’t just for those who can’t clean. In fact, most of the people who hire house cleaning services are those who are very capable of doing the cleaning themselves. However, they’re often the same people responsible for going to work all day, cooking, playing with the kids, exercising, and more. By hiring a house cleaner, they’re simply choosing to prioritize something else that’s important to them.

There’s no shame in hiring a house cleaner for any reason, especially if it’s to gain back your free time so that you can work, play, or relax. We’ve found that many Tidy Touch clients have had a huge burden lifted off of their plates by hiring a cleaning service, and that’s why many stay on as regular customers.

There’s no shame in hiring a house cleaner for any reason.

In some cases, people are realizing that they hadn’t even been aware how clean their house could really be. When it comes to deep cleaning for ovens, showers, and more, Tidy Touch has learned how to provide a clean that few others can.

Why We Love Working with Tidy Touch TC

We love having the opportunity to work alongside a company that has set high standards for itself. We know that when the Tidy Touch team heads out, a great, effective service can be expected. Even though the house cleaning service involves a lot of companies with a poor reputation for professionalism and consistency, Tidy Touch works hard to prove time and time again that they are a cut above the rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tidy Touch, please feel free to visit their Services page.




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