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Considering Video Production for Your Small Business? Read this First.

Is Video Production Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking to hire a videographer in Minneapolis, we have great news. There are plenty to choose from! But video production is a huge investment, and entrepreneurs are being suckered into partnering with subpar production companies almost every day.

Before we talk about finding the right production company to partner with, we wanted to make this clear: we love video marketing. It brings energy and personality to any marketing plan. In addition to this, marketers are finding that video marketing is engaging people at higher rates than any other medium. Some marketers who have focused on the written word are even afraid that they will be replaced as video marketing continues to grow.

So let’s assume you’ve decided to take the leap. What now? Videographers seem to be on every corner, especially as millennials enter the workforce. This is the generation that was raised with fancy DSLR cameras and editing softwares that didn’t exist just a few years back.

With the skill set that millennials are bringing to the workplace, we’ve seen more and more photographers, videographers, and creatives enter the industry. We’re excited to see new talent, but with an increasingly crowded marketplace, we want to ensure that we help entrepreneurs find the best of the best.

The Worst Investment You Can Make: “Showreel” Video

There is a fundamental flaw that many videography companies in Minneapolis share. They stink at marketing, communicating, and storytelling.

How could this be? Their showreel is stunning and their list of clients is more than impressive.

Well, it’s because they are concerned with producing beautiful work, not great work. There is a difference. Many videographers have never put any consideration into communicating with your customer.

I have rubbed shoulders with filmmakers who have just one priority. It’s actually very straightforward — they want great shots that look good on their production reel. These videographers thrive on talking up their high tech gear and incredible shot choreography. Their showreel keeps them in business, so they make this their primary concern.

Beware of videographers who speak only of production value. A good video production company should speak to engagement and providing value to your customers. When you meet with them, see if they even ask you about who your customer is. If they’d rather talk about drones, you may have an issue (even though drones are cool.)

Would you go to a theater to watch a nonsensical combination of artsy video footage? You might if you’re a video geek, but for most people, the answer to that question is a resounding no.

What we crave is great storytelling.

With the options you have available today, your investment should cover both a great story and beautiful imagery.

Videographers should first prioritize telling your story. However, many are too ingrained in learning more about the latest camera gear and content management techniques. They thrive on critical acclaim from film festivals, but fail to see that audiences are falling asleep as their work is displayed.

It may sound harsh, but we know that entrepreneurs don’t want to waste even a single dollar. We certainly don’t want to see them waste $2,000 – $20,000+ on a video that fans will watch for 11 seconds before clicking away.

In spite of what most of us who are in the creative arts industry would like to think, your customers didn’t come to you to nominate you for best cinematography awards, they came to you so that they could take away something of value.

That’s not to say cinematography is valueless, but in relation to storytelling and communicating, it just doesn’t stack up. Your customer should always come first. Even in your brand messaging. (And cinematography is actually a very valuable storytelling tool. It’s just rarely utilized.)

It comes down to this, don’t hire a videographer who has no experience in marketing to a client. If you do choose to take a chance on a videographer who has no marketing experience, you certainly shouldn’t be paying the extravagant fees that many would like to charge you. Pay them as what they are: a novice. No matter what the showreel looks like.

The Best Investment: Storytelling Via Video

Here’s a disclaimer, we do video production here at FeedbackWrench. But rather than beg you to hire us, we’d rather have you read on, evaluate us based on the criteria we’ve listed in this article, and then let you watch our work to decide if we pass the test. In fact, we’d recommend putting any video production company through this test.

Before hiring a video production company, watch their work. Instead of watching their films the way you typically would, looking for amazing shots and beautiful imagery, try watching their films the way your client would. Your client is concerned with being engaged.

A bad videographer can make an interesting business boring. Your customers hate being bored.

Just let yourself watch a film production company’s portfolio pieces like you would anything else. Are you bored? Do you want to turn it off after the first 20 seconds? Be honest with yourself. If you’re looking at their work and considering hiring them, you’re going to have a lot more patience then your client will when watching your film.

Attention spans are so short that a “view” is commonly considered by marketers as anything close to three seconds.

Do you want to work with a videographer who will rack up three-second views? Or, would you rather work with a trained marketer who can engage an audience and inspire them to keep watching?

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