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CPA Site Solutions Review 2018

When a CPA, accountant, or tax professional decides they want to set out on their own, and build their own practice, one of the first steps is usually building a website.  Websites for CPA’s and accountants are a category that matters – and I wanted to provide some insight into one of the largest website and SEO companies for CPA’s, CPA Site Solutions.

cpa site solutions review 2018

CPA Site Solutions Review 2018

CPA Site Solutions is tempting, but buyer beware because it is a template system that relies on duplicate content

Usually I’d be hesitant to bad-mouth a company so publicly, but I almost fell prey to CPA site solutions three years ago at Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting, so I feel personally obligated to share what we learned (and hopefully spur the reader to give us a call to develop a CPA website & SEO solution that helps them build long-term success.

Why do I highly discourage CPA’s from CPA Site Solutions? Because Duplicate Content Means Google Penalties

Google warns against duplicate content – and promises that it if you have website content that’s copied word-for-word from other sources, it’s not going to give it any space on their search engine results page.

Duplicate Content refers to blocks of words and content that are identical to other websites.

Duplicate Content = No SEO

How can you tell if you have duplicate content? By checking your site with Copyscape.com

You’re going to want your blog posts, web pages, pictures, and other web content to rank in Google, particularly for your local service areas.  If you’re a CPA, Accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll company, local SEO should be one of your top priorities because the web can act as one of your best employees.

Because of the Duplicate Content, CPA Site Solutions is nearly the opposite of a good SEO solution.

CPA Site Solutions is a template based website solution for accountants, tax professionals and CPAs.  From their end, they simple take your logo and a handful of bio information, and then crank out a website built on a number of templates.  As CPA Site solutions updates their templates with new tax, accounting, and IRS blog posts, then every one of their client websites receives the same update.

They update their template, and that information is pushed across their entire client network, which they tout as being over 7,000 strong.

CPA Site Solutions business model is amazing for profits, because the websites require minimal qualitative effort to implement, and they can scale to enormous size quickly and easily.

CPA Site Solutions deserves harsh criticism because their template tool is nearly 100% duplicate content, which kills it’s rankings in Google. Despite this fundamental flaw, the company is marketing their template tool as a good SEO solution.

If you use CPA Site Solutions, the only pages that will have strong Google rankings against competitive content, will be the home page. and any other uniquely written content.

Everything that they write for you is duplicate content, which means it’s on other people’s websites as well as your own.

Nearly 100% of CPA Site Solution Pages are Duplicate Content.

If you’re looking to build a business that attracts potential business owners and conveys the trust you’ve earned, then CPA Site Solutions is probably not what you should look at.

According to their own website, this means you’ll have duplicate content with over 7,000 other CPA websites.

Google rewards trustworthy businesses and relevant content – not duplicate content.

Every CPA Site Solution website is riddled with duplicate content according to Copyscape

Take a look at one of their example client’s web page.  Putting Groupjt.com into Copyscape, shows dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of identical sections of content and web pages.


These unsuspecting customers don’t know that their website is essentially being stifled, rather than slowly gaining notoriety in Google’s eyes.  CPA Site Solutions websites will do the exact opposite of building good SEO authority. Over time, the CPA Site Solution pages will tend to rank only for the exact name of the business, while all the blog posts and news articles will be marked as duplicate content.

The results of so much duplicate content is that you will lose the potential benefit of having your company insights, advice, and guides be indexed and ranked in the search engines.


Why am I hammering CPA Site Solutions?  Because CPAs and Accountants deserve better!

The Worst Part? They’re Aggressively Advertising themselves as an SEO Solution for Accountants

Case Study Examination of CPA Site Solution’s SEO

One frustrating thing about this company, is the dishonest way that they’re marketing.

They’ve invested big time into Google adwords around the terms “website” “Seo” and “CPA” and they’re utilizing “SEO” messaging in their retargeting ads.

Here’s an Example of their Advertising:

CPA site solutoins seo review

CPA Site Solutions is aggressively portraying themselves as a great SEO solution, despite being a template system that relies on duplicate content.

The advertisements are prominent, the landing page is beautiful, but it’s extremely deceiving.

Let’s take a look at part of the landing page you’d arrive on from their Google Adwords advertisement for SEO.

CPA Site Solutoins SEO Landing Page:

cpa site solutions reveiw websites

Careful Omission of Custom Content?

Notice the precision in their terminology here, because the paragraph describes their writers, and makes no claims that a customer’s website would have unique content.  This company is positioning themselves with a value proposition that they have no business with.

Unsuspecting prospective CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Professionals would read this messaging, and feel like their website would have unique content on their website, when what they’ll end up with is duplicate content that hurts their overall position within Google.

Now let’s move on to the social proof CPA Site Solutions tries to portray.

Social Proof of Good SEO Foundations? No.

Take a look at this social proof.  They provide actual search engine results page that CPA Site solutoins want to tout as the work of their SEO.  The websites might look nice, but these examples are almost all for companies that are ranking on page one of Google primarily because their domains are very old.

Here’s “proof” that CPA Site Solutions provides concerning their SEO Results:

They are featuring three success stories.

Let’s Examine Their Claims:

CPA Jackson MS

First off, the far right pages for “CPA Jackson MS” shows a couple of their clients popping up in the top search results.  When I analyzed these findings, they were true – but there’s a catch.

The websites for these CPA firms are using the standard CPA Site Solution setups, and they are ranking on the first Google page, but the websites are all duplicate content pages.  Everything on the pages, except the minimally customized content, is duplicate, and should work against them for ranking; so what’s happening here?

The primary reason why these domains are ranking so well, is because they’ve been around for over 15 years.

Looking at the domain age tool, we can see that the first page results have domains that are ancient in internet terms.

Park CPA & Eubank Betts are both highlighted as their clients, and both have old domains.

Notice that a 3 year old site is starting to compete with these VERY old websites?  That would be much more difficult if these sites had unique, engaging, and non-duplicate content.  In fact, Eubank Betts should be absolutely dominating with SEO for CPA in Jackson MS.

The nature of the duplicate content is allowing competitors to catch up to them, when they should dominate dozens of search queries and keywords.  If we had worked with this client from day one, they would be the most dominant website in the region.

Middle Results:

First off, they used the term “Tax Planner Fresno CA,” and that ultra-specific term DOES return some of their cusotmer’s websites.

However, Google has decided that “Tax Planner” doesn’t get a local snippet anymore, so the map is gone.  When you search “tax planning,” the local snippet shows up again. (To be fair, these things are constantly changing)

When I search other related terms – the only site that actually comes up consistently is the GMCCPAS.com, which is experiencing some decent results in the search engine results page.  The domain is only about 4 years old, so they’re not doing terribly with the CPA Site Solutions.

Why would they experience results in spite of what we’re explaining here?

The search engine rankings they are experiencing is happening almost in-spite of their duplicate content.  If these sites had high quality, engaging, and non-duplicate content, then they would dominate with SEO!

And then on the far left screen, when we look at Cirone Friedberg, I see some devastating and sad SEO results.  First off, it appears that they changed their domain name, which sounds like a good idea until you realize that you’ll lose almost all your SEO work.

I’d assume that they switched their domain because the old one seemed cryptic and hard to type – especially when giving out your email.  But now they’ve lost a great deal of their Google rankings.  I hope they knew what would happen when they chose to make the switch!

Old domains should rank very high – especially when they were started back in the early 2000’s, when SEO was much easier.

Conclusion About their Social Proof:

Some of their websites were ranking on the first page of Google, but it was almost always happening because the domain was very old and trustworthy.  Domains that have been up for over 4 years should be ranking very well if they’ve done what’s necessary to work on their SEO.

One thing that CPA Site Solutions does well, is that their websites look nice and are easy to click through.  This means that the on-page experience is fairly good, and Google would reward that.

Advice: Get a WordPress or Squarespace Site & Create Unique Content

Look, something like 27% of the entire internet worldwide is built out on wordpress.  That means the platform is going to continue to garner development and maturity.

The foundations of Good SEO are unique, relevant content, and trustworthiness.  If you work diligently over time, your CPA, accounting, tax, or bookkeeping firm could dominate with SEO if you do it right. We’d love to serve you in your pursuit and hope that this helped shed some light on why CPA Site Solutions isn’t a good solution for SEO.


This review is meant to enlighten CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll companies that are looking for a new website.  I think it’s frustrating that CPA Site Solutions is positioning themselves as something they are not.

Entrepreneurship, business ownership, great tax planning, and business development are hard enough, without being hamstrung in the long run with a website that will actually work against your organic SEO efforts.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss building up a web presence that has long-term benefits for your tax and accounting firm.

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