Entrepreneurs Wear Too Many Hats


Entrepreneurs Wear Too Many Hats

As an entrepreneur, we’re willing to bet that you’ve used the phrase “I wear a lot of hats.” If you haven’t used the phrase, you’ve certainly heard it. We understand small businesses, and we love this mentality that entrepreneurs take on. We love their ability to solve problems and tackle obstacles instead of yielding to them.

In a small business or as a solo entrepreneur, it’s just a fact that you’ll have to take on many roles. However, if you cling to each and every hat that you wear as your business grows, you will end up stunting, or even stopping, the growth as it happens.

On YouTube, there is a popular video series called “How to Make Everything.” In it, the host pulls off an impressive feat—he creates things from scratch. We’re not talking about baking a cake from scratch by using flour, eggs, and other ingredients. We’re talking about a guy who made a sandwich by growing crops, harvesting wheat, gathering salt, and more.

You can watch his video by clicking this link:


entrepreneurs wear too many hatsThe host of this show represents the role that many entrepreneurs take on. They’ve learned how to build a product or service from scratch, maintain it, and sell it. However, there’s another element to this video. The host spent 6 months and $1500 to create this sandwich. He wore every hat, took on every task, and ultimately produced a product that he calls (spoiler alert) mediocre.

What can we learn from this? Sometimes, it’s okay to outsource. If you’re a talented cook, you should be working with bookkeepers, marketers, hostesses, and more to keep you focused on what you do best.

Don’t be an entrepreneur who tries to wear every hat all the time. You might be capable of handling everything in your business, but sometimes, it can pay to outsource. Outsourcing gives you the ability to focus on what you’re passionate about while having someone else handle the tasks that are dragging you down.

Here at FeedbackWrench, we love to come alongside entrepreneurs and serve as their outsourced marketing team. We’d like to help you carry the burden of marketing your product or service so that you can continue to reach a broader audience. We’ll take on Search Engine Optimization, Web Presence Development, and Video Production so that you don’t have to.


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