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Hi! My name is Eric Johnson, and I’m a Content & Video Specialist here at FeedbackWrench. I grew up right here in Lakeville, Minnesota with my mom, dad, and younger brother. Since then, I’ve moved to Saint Paul where I live with my wife Brooke and our dog, Basil. I’m passionate about putting my faith first and my family next. I’m one of the few people who can say that many of my hobbies intersect with what I do for a living, which is part of the reason why I’m so happy to be here at FeedbackWrench working with small businesses in Minnesota.

Passions & Education

I’m passionate about the creative arts, but I’m even more passionate about telling stories. I’ve been writing and shooting photos since high school. During that time, I wrote 6 novels and took thousands of photos. One of the novels I wrote was even selected as a semifinalist in a national novel writing competition. Most of the photos, however, were on the bad to average spectrum. Maybe even worse than that.


Towards the end of high school, I started shooting video in addition to taking photos. I’m sure that the videos I took were even worse than my photos, but thankfully, none of those clips exist any more.

Even though I didn’t have much experience in film, I decided to major in Electronic Media Productions with an emphasis in Film Production at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. I think it was mostly on a “I’m sure I’d enjoy that” kind of whim. However, I quickly learned to love making films and telling stories through this new medium. Slowly, I started to figure out how to play to my strengths and work with people who were strong where I was weak.

With time, I started to understand how to tell better stories on this new platform, and my classmates and I started to produce work I was really happy with. I was blessed to have my work recognized in both local and national film festivals. I even managed to win in a few.

During my last semester at Northwestern, I had the opportunity to live and study in Los Angeles. I served as a producer on a budgeted student film and I was able to acquire an internship at a major film finance company. My supervisor at this internship believed in me enough to present me with an immediate opportunity to work for an A-List actors’ agent in LA, but I elected to stay in Minnesota instead. Being here in the Midwest just felt right.

Until that point, it had been my dream to work on Hollywood-style film productions. But as I moved back to Minnesota, I found my focus shifting. I became increasingly interested in marketing, a field that had been peripheral for the duration of my college career.


After college, I started applying and interviewing for videographer roles, but somehow found myself ending up as a Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist. I had only dabbled in social media up until this point, but I made it a mission to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing. As a Social Media Specialist, I was able to grow the pages I managed in a big way. I took a leading role in orchestrating an eventual 58% gain in followers across the company’s social media platforms. In all, that represented over 6,500 new follows, 1,000 of which were added to an Instagram profile I started from 0. Posts I worked on averaged over 80 engagements on both Facebook and Instagram.

I was able to further hone my storytelling ability in this role, and I put photography, design, copywriting, and video into practice on a consistent basis. But I joined FeedbackWrench because I am passionate about inbound marketing, small businesses, and adding tremendous value for both clients and customers. We’ve been seeing great things from our clients and their customers, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more along the way.