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Get Clients from the Web with SEO

Is your web presence great, or just “good?” When someone Googles companies in your industry, are they left with the impression that you’re one of the best values in the industry? Did they even find you in their search results?

Here at FeedbackWrench, a portion of what we do is serve as a Minnesota SEO company. We work with small businesses that are Minnesota local and worthy of trust.

There’s nothing worse than when a Minnesota small business has executed with excellence, but cheats themselves with a horrific web presence. We’ve realized that you can find small businesses with this same issue anywhere from Lakeville, to Saint Paul, to beyond.

FeedbackWrench is a Minnesota SEO company that focuses on the entire picture. We only work with small businesses so that we can fulfill our calling.

We’ll help the right people find the right portion of your website at the right time. That means the
leads you’ll get will be qualified prospects – not just leads.

SEO is all about your entire presence, not just your website.

Has your website already been up for months or even years, but just won’t show up on search
engines? If that is the case, then our team at FeedbackWrench, a Minnesota SEO Company, is what you
need. We’re not your typical team of SEO experts, we help small businesses go from good to great in
many areas. However, one key part of this is increasing your website traffic, which means an increase in your revenue as well.

Sales Driven Approach

What makes our company different from our competitors is that we think it’s all about a real increase in sales for your small business. We’re consistent when it comes to building a web presence that drives
your business into Google, the most prominent and important search engine of the day because we
work hard to help you achieve some quick wins by grabbing “low hanging fruit,” but keeping our eye on
the prize – having the web serve as your best employee. Our commitment to results allows us to be
ahead of our competitors when it comes to the creation of SEO strategies. So rest assured that we
can provide you with the results that you have always been longing to have.

Long Term Results

As a Minnesota SEO Company, we’re committed to driving immediate results, but also long term
victories. As a matter of fact, whenever we come up with SEO strategies to be used on our client’s sites,
we always think far ahead and start with the end in mind. This is because we want you to enjoy long
term results from working with us, and we’d like your future self saying “working with FeedbackWrench
was SOOOO worth it!”. This is perhaps the reason why we’re able to build long lasting relationships with
many of our clients.

Proven and Tested Strategies

We recommend strategies not just because we think that they would work for your business but
because we’ve done it in our own businesses – particularly with CPA and accounting firms. After all, our
strategies are the fruit of  years of research, testing, and experience in small business
entrepreneurship. This is what makes us feel good about calling ourselves one of the best Minnesota
SEO Companies in the Twin Cities region. We know for a fact that our strategic plans and tactical
execution will work for you because it’s what we’ve used to build our businesses as well as our friends and colleagues businesses.

Let Your Business Be Seen Online

Being visible online is very important. It allows your business to be known, especially among
your target customers. After all, you would not be able to acquire sales if no one even knew about your
business and the services that you are offering online. So, allow us to let your business be seen. We can
see to it that your content would be able to reach the right target audience by incorporating the right
search terms in the content we develop. We’re confident in our ability to execute, and we’re confident that we can help enhance every aspect of your business.

There’s No Reason your Web Presence Should be Awful

We’re here to help small businesses, and we don’t chase after huge contracts. Our calling in life is to
come alongside small businesses and help them go from good to great. That means we’re not just
pumping out work in order to make us wealthy, we’re doing it because we feel in our bones that it’s
critical to build up our communities, our families, and our neighborhoods with vibrant, healthy
businesses that aren’t only easy to find online because they worked with the best Search Engine
Optimization Company around the Mississippi and Minnesota River junction – but because we’ve helped
business owners maximize their efforts overall.


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