Web Design Portfolio

Fast loading, technically sound, professional WordPress websites are our specialty.  A Sound Website is at the heart of what we do for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As you look at our portfolio of clients, remember that the website is just the starting point in making the web your best employee.

Landscaping company burnsville mn AAA lawn care

AAA Lawn Care Landscape and Snow Plow

AAA Lawn Service Landscape and Snow Plow out of Burnsville is a family run business that's been at it since 1993.   They've built a remarkable reputation over the years by executing at a high level and providing excellent value to their clients; but they were stuck online.


  • The old website didn't communicate to their communities, or Google, where they worked and what services they provide.
  • The old website was technically unsound and on an antiquated platform.
  • NAP inconsistencies across the entire web (NAP = Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Calls to action where hard to find
  • No SSL certificate
  • Not Mobile friendly
  • Not keyword optimized
  • Google My Business page had very few reviews & an inconsistent NAP
  • The old site had no SSL, Sitemap, Schema Markup, H1,H2 consistency, Meta Titles or Descriptions
  • The old site was thin on content, and struggled to portray the professionalism of their company


  • Comprehensive vision, mission, and marketing analysis to uncover core buyers, problems, keywords, niche terminology and their brand voice.
  • Complete redesign of the website
  • Creation of WordPress website with technical features
  • Wrote and crafted content to communicate to the communities and to Google, where they do business, and what business they do.
  • Established NAP consistency across site.
  • Connected Google analytics, webmaster, Facebook SDK.
Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney repair

Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney Repair

Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney Repair Minnesota  has been repairing chimney crowns, caps, brickwork, and restoring fireplaces since 2005.  His website had never produced a lead, but served as on online business card.


  • Needed to attract more Chimney, Fireplace and Facade residential customers instead of relying on lower margin commercial work.
  • Wanted to have a professional looking website with messaging around their core focus.
  • Wanted to close more deals because of their web presence.
  • Ensure their site was technically sound & modern


  • Completely redesigned the website on WordPress under a simple scope of work.
  • Craft web content and messaging to attract and close Chimney repair customers.
  • Performed extensive keyword and niche research
  • Established NAP consistency
  • Established the Analytics, Facebook SDK, Webmaster, Sitemap and form automation backend.
House cleaning company lakeville mn TIDY TOUCH TWIN CITIES Minnesota
Tidy Touch Minnesota House Cleaning Maid Service Minnesota

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning Minnesota is a Lakeville House Cleaning or maid service company that services the south metro.  They perform amazing work in the real world, and had laid the foundation for a prominent web presence, but leads were not coming in. They needed search engine optimization, WordPress systems update, a CRM and overall marketing consulting.


  • Attract house cleaning and maid services clients, with an emphasis on repeat cleaning contracts
  • Needed to dominate the local snippet
  • Establish a territory for SEO and link with their payment, schedule and processing systems.
  • Establish a CRM


  • Remodeled the site on a more modern WordPress theme to allow more robust features and customization options.
  • Established keyword optimized content to attract proper clients in regions and keyword variants.
  • Developed CRM system.
  • Performed outreach to clients for Google Reviews, driving 10x the number of 5 star reviews as before.
  • Performed overall SEO both on-page and off-page.
Duplex for sale minneapolis Duplex Doctors
The Duplex Doctors Minnesota Duplex Specialists

The Duplex Doctors Minneapolis and Minnesota Duplex Specialists

Jason Reed and Drew Hoefler are the #1 real estate Duplex specialists in Minneapolis and the Minnesota market.  No other realtor has sold more Duplexes than them in Minneapolis.  We started from the ground up in all facets for the Duplex Doctors, creating their branding, graphics, website and SEO from scratch.


  • Convey the sterling reputation they've earned
  • Dominate the local search engine results for Duplexes
  • Drive leads and attract new interest through their blog
  • Drive profits


  • Website creation
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design.
  • SEO
  • PPC
Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 7.17.32 AM
Clear Cut Window Cleaning Minnesota

Clear Cut Window Cleaning Minnesota

Matt Herringshaw of Clear Cut Window Cleaning Minnesota needed a website overhaul and local SEO footprint.  Clear Cut wanted to establish themselves in the local snippet in a way that portrayed the trust they had earned from their customers.

Clear Cut also needed focused messaging and keyword research in order to rank in the local snippets for certain regions and niche services.


  • Drive leads in his region for his niche and keywords
  • Convey the trust he's earned in the work he's already done
  • Begin building domain authority
  • Win the local snippet for his regions, cities and towns


  • Website creation
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design.
  • SEO
  • PPC
Hair Salon Burnsville Minnesota Hair Sanctuary Burnsville
Hair Sanctuary

Hair Sanctuary Burnsville Minnesota

Hair Sanctuary MN requested a basic website that could grow with them as they built their business.


  • Small Website with niche imagery
  • WordPress based
  • Establish new startup with low costs


  • Basic WordPress design
Painting company Minnesota Just Rite Painting

Just Rite Painting Minnesota

Just Rite Painting Minnesota is one of my favorite companies to work with.  Just Rite Painting executes flawlessly with their customers doing wall renovations, sheetrock repair, cabinet painting, and other high-quality painting services.


  • Establish a dominant local SEO presence
  • Dominate with SEO in the Local Snippet
  • Capture the trust earned through Google Reviews
  • Drive leads through SEO
  • Have a professional web presence
  • Create new logo, color scheme, and branding
  • Attract more of the right kinds of customers


  • SEO Services for Local Snippet Dominance
  • Complete website creation and branding
  • Content creation
  • Consulting and coaching