how to get more instagram followers

How to Get 10k Instagram Followers

Here’s How to Get More Instagram Followers

If you clicked on this article, odds are that you expected a long-winded, technical explanation as to why your follower count hasn’t surged to 1k, 10k, or even 100k followers.

I’m willing to admit that the reason is much simpler than that kind of explanation would suggest.

Here’s why you don’t have 10k Instagram followers:

You’re not trying hard enough.

Almost anyone on Instagram can have 1,000 followers, and most people can have 10,000. Here’s how.

Feeds that Win

What goes into an Instagram strategy that just plain works?

If the phrase “cohesive feed” is already extremely familiar to you in relation to conversations about Instagram, you can skip to the “Color and Attributes” heading. If you’re not so familiar with this term, this will be the most important section in this entire article.

how to get 10k instagram followersA cohesive feed is the foundation of success on Instagram. Pick out some random accounts on Instagram you follow that have more than 20k followers. Go to their profile and, odds are, you’ll notice that all of their photos have a similar look. Similar colors, similar styles, and so on. You don’t have to be a photographer to start achieving a look like this. Start by imitating some of your favorite photos.

Try to keep your photos set up in a way that allows them to blend together. This is what Instagram users look for when searching for a new profile to follow.

They want to be assured that they’ll like all of your photos, not just one.

This may sound like an insignificant tip, but trust me – you won’t get followers quickly if your feed doesn’t blend together.

Color & Photo Attributes

How colors affect engagement on Instagram.

Did you know that according to Curalate, Instagram users are naturally drawn to photos that are primarily blue?

In fact, they’ll like these photos much more often than photos that are primarily red. You can also bet that a textured photo will get more likes than a smooth photo.

If this is news to you, we’d highly encourage you to check out the infographic we’ve included at the end of this post. You might be surprised to learn that cohesive colors aren’t the only thing Instagram users want to see.

It’s important not to ignore or discount research like this. Your photos don’t need to follow the rules every single time, but it’s still important to acknowledge their existence.

The Hashtag Game

Why some hashtags are effective and others aren’t.

Just about anyone with any significant amount of followers understands “the hashtag game.”

On Instagram, you’re allowed to use up to 30 #hashtags per post. If your goal is to gain followers, then don’t waste more than one slot on one of these kinds of hashtags:

  • Hashtags You Came Up with Yourself
  • Irrelevant Hashtags
  • Hashtags No One is Searching for

Obviously, there’s typically nothing wrong with these innocent hashtags. They’re just not bringing people to your profile.

If people aren’t coming to your profile, they’re not going to follow you.

What kinds of people do you admire on Instagram?

Start by stealing a few interesting hashtags from these people and mixing together the best ones from 3-4 accounts – assuming you’ve done your research and know that the hashtags are relevant to your photos.

Another way to discover relevant hashtags is by finding just one and clicking on a top photo for that tag. From there, find the other hashtags that user worked with and add them to your collection.

If you take the time to look through the “feeds” from the hashtags you’re collecting, you’ll start to realize that the best ones contain photos from thousands of different users that blend together well, as if posted by the same account. This is when you know that you’ve found a niche.

Use all 30 hashtags slots available to you, and you’ll be sure to get your photo to land in the right place.

Joining the Conversation

Viewing Instagram as a two-way street.

Entering into conversations is what social media is said to be all about. On Instagram, relationships are key.

If there are “influencers” or even regular users that you admire, start commenting on their photos every now and then. Don’t ask them for anything or look for their support, just innocently participate in the conversation surrounding their photos. Down the road, you may have opened the door towards collaboration.

Besides this, there’s one more critical way to join the conversation on Instagram.

Start interacting with content posted by complete strangers that you don’t even follow. On the path to Instagram success, you’re going to have to be willing to spend some time liking photos on relevant hashtag feeds and even commenting on photos that others have posted.


Because there’s no better way to increase your own follower count. When you comment on a stranger’s photo, they’ll often come back to your profile to see what it’s all about.

Here’s a tip – a lot of people are using “bots” on Instagram. Essentially, this is a gray or black hat technique that is used to rapidly comment on other photos across Instagram in order to rack up followers quickly.

These bots leave generic comments on a regular basis. Some common ones are “Nice shot!” or “Love this!”

To differentiate yourself from bots, give an honest effort to authentically comment on the specific photo you’re posting about. The results will speak for themselves.


Use these tips and you’ll be heading towards 1k or even 10k Instagram followers. If you’re looking for more information on how you can convert followers to sales leads, we’d love to talk more with you. We work with small businesses and ministries in Minnesota as an outsourced Web Presence, SEO, and Video Production firm.

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