How to Get Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post

Getting Inspired to Write Your Next Blog Post

Blogging is easy, but blogging consistently is incredibly difficult. It’s not easy to find inspiration every day, three times a week, or even once a week. It’s not easy to set aside time every day to write. It’s definitely not easy to find new topics that are interesting enough to write about.

However, most bloggers understand that their work is definitely worth the effort, and they also realize that keeping up with a consistent posting schedule is the foundation of success for any blog.

But that doesn’t change this simple fact – finding inspiration is hard.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some surefire ways to find your next blog post topic. These ideas also come with an added advantage: they are extremely SEO friendly and will offer you many benefits as you work to attract a new audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to find your next blog post topic is by searching for frequently asked questions that are relevant to you or your industry. Working off of ideas like this offer two huge benefits:

  1. Whenever you’re asked a question that you’ve been regularly approached with, you can point to your blog as a source for the answer and waste less time re-hashing the same ideas.
  2. You can attract a new audience by knowing their questions before they even realize that you have the answers. If you have a blog about caring for succulents, you can probably assume that people ask this question: “How often should I water my succulent?” If your blog can answer this question, new readers will feel safe in assuming that they can come to you next time they have a question about their succulents. Having answers to questions that people are already asking is the foundation of SEO.

Remember, as a blogger, it benefits you to write content that’s directed at the audience you don’t yet have. If you commit to occasionally writing content that’s directed at new readers, you’ll find that your readership grows at a record pace.

Copying Other Blogs

Purists might gasp at the very idea of this and skip on to the next section. I know I would have for quite some time. However, we’re not asking you to literally copy the work of other bloggers word for word. We’re not even asking you to rip off all of their ideas.

Rather, what we’re suggesting is that you look to other blogs within your industry or niche, and copy a handful of their post topics. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Remember, other people have great ideas too. You are most certainly not ripping off anyone’s hard work by doing this. The act of this is similar to finding inspiration for your writing style from a master’s work. You’ll have your own unique take, but their work will help to lay a foundation.

how to find inspiration for your next blog post

Writing for Yourself

This idea starkly contrasts my other ideas, which are geared towards growing an audience, answering important questions, and fulfilling needs. However, here at FeedbackWrench, we know what it’s like to work hard to maintain a blog. In fact, we operate and contribute to several. Every once in awhile, the only way to be inspired is to write something for yourself.

Instead of focusing on what your audience wants to know, let yourself write about whatever’s top of mind every once in awhile. For an added effect, you might even want to consider neglecting formatting, your blog’s theme, and anything else that may hinder you. Write about literally any subject that comes to mind and see what happens.

In the end, you may have a piece that can be modified to fit your audience and your blog as a whole. On the other hand, you may be left with a bunch of nonsense. Either way, the effort is worth it. Sometimes you just have to push through a lack of inspiration to find some.



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