How to Share Files with Google Drive

How to Send or Share Files using Google Drive

If you’re trying to send a group of files, or a large file, email is no good.

Many people are left asking how to email large files. The answer to the question is that you should use a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The two major cloud storage services that we recommend are Dropbox and Google Drive.

Google Drive is free with Gmail, and you can get increased storage limits with the $5/month G-Suite or the $10/month Business plan.

How to get unlimited storage on Google Drive:

To increase your storage for Google Drive, please use our affiliate link to choose either the $5 or $10/month Google options.

You can have unlimited Google Drive storage with the $10/month business plan.

Signup for G-Suite Here

Sign up with G-Suite

Two Sharing Options:

  1. You can either share a file with someone else that you’ve already uploaded to the Drive.
  2. Someone can share a folder with you, and you can upload into that shared folder

Which one does Feedbackwrench Use?

To send files to us, we like to share a folder with our clients where they can upload all their files.

This allows us to have an organized system.

How to Send Files to Feedbackwrench with Google Drive.

Alright, now I’d like to quickly show you how to send files using Google Drive

1 – Log Into a Gmail Account

2 – Click on the 9 Dots in the upper right

3 – Select Google Drive

4 – Click on the “Shared Folders” to find the one that’s been shared with you

Using Google Drive to share files

5 – Drag and Drop the files you want to share into the Google Drive that’s been shared with you.


How to Share Files you’ve Already Uploaded

1 – Open Google Drive and Find the Folder or File you Want to share

2 – Click on and Select the file or folder

Sharing or sending files with Google Drive CLoud Storage

3 – Click the Share button in the upper right

4 – OR – click the link to share only a link

5 – Enter the email address that you’d like to share it with

Send files with Google Drive

NOTE: It is preferable to use Gmail or Gsuite email addresses when sharing as they will have to log into Gmail to use it.

If you want to create a folder in Google Drive:

1 – Right Click in Windows or Double Finger Click on Mac

2 – Click Create Folder

Create folder in google drive

3 – Name it

4 – Select it and hit the sharing button again and select those you’d like to share with


The Bottom line is that Google Drive is about the most efficient way to transfer files.

We highly recommend that you switch over your email to G-Suite, so that you can use these powerful tools.


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