Minnesota SEO – How to get found on Google as a Small Business

Minnesota SEO – Here’s how to get your small business found on Google in Minnesota

How exactly can you get your small business to pop up in Google search when a prospective client is looking?

Nothing beats the rush of having your phone beep because you’ve received a new lead off of your website.

In fact, there are few things that cause entrepreneurs to check their phone quicker, then the thought of a new prospect that found them through the internet and requested to connect. This is why you might have clicked on “SEO Minnesota” to end up reading this article

But trying to get found as a Minnesota entrepreneur can be daunting, and extremely convoluted. I wanted to provide you with some strategic ways to help you get found on Google, particularly for my fellow small business owners in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota.

Here are the four keys to get found on Google in Minnesota:

  1. Make google’s priorities your priorities

  2. Use inbound methodology

  3. Have a technically sound website

  4. Don’t set it and forget it

1. Make google’s priorities your priorities.

Minnesota SEO is all about pleasing Google. Google knows that as long as we continue to use their search engine, they’ll be able to drive massive revenue dollars from their marketing and advertisement. This means that Google, above almost every other company, is working relentlessly to make their search engine helpful and relevant.

Years ago, people would find and exploit shortcuts available to help their website out rank others on Google.  Google knew that they would become irrelevant if they didn’t fix the problem of having spam websites pop up in a google search.

The result is that Google is one of the most secretive companies there is because they don’t want companies trying to game the system, but they want to help identify trustworthy, relevant, and helpful information for their end users – which shows us the key to Minnesota SEO. Think about it from Google’s perspective,  if it was possible to find some sort of magic sauce or ingredient that caused your company to rank higher than your competitors, wouldn’t you use it?  Would Google be very useful if their results were driven by those able to game the system?

What are Google’s priorities for small businesses SEO Minnesota?

Google is working really hard to ensure that trustworthy, relevant, and integrity-based solutions are served up in their search queries. In other words, Google is looking for the websites and companies online, that are worthy of trust.

It starts with being worthy of Google’s trust

If you were to somehow get every client you ever served to take an anonymous survey about you and your company, how would they rate to you?

If you would hesitate to provide that kind of transparency and reputation clarity, then honestly, shouldn’t Google probably take second looks at serving up your company’s content in a search query?  It sounds harsh, but don’t we all hope that Google would connect us to the companies and solutoins that are worthy of our trust and solve the problems we’re inquiring about?  Our best interests are to align with Google’s best interests – boosting our Minnesota SEO!

Google’s top priority is trustworthiness, therefore your top priority should be to meet or exceed all expectations.

But how can Google tell if you meet and exceed clients expectations? The answer is easier than you think.

Google’s primary tool to see if you are worthy of a search query is your Google reviews and website content.

If you have a steady stream of relevant, evenly obtained reviews for your business – it’s probably safe to say that you’re delighting customers.  Not only do consistent Google reviews show that you’ve been worthy of trust, but when someone goes to your website and actually engages with your content – it shows Google that you’re providing something that draws people in for more than 30 seconds.

You want people to read your content and go deeper in your website.  When a visitor immediately clicks away, that’s called a “bounce.”

Bounce rate is a small measure of your website content’s trustworthiness.

Often times marketers will give the advice that businesses simply need to create helpful and engaging content so that when a reader clicks on the link for the web content, they become engrossed in what they find and engage with the content. This is absolutely a core principle to getting your self found on Google, but it will not win in the long term unless you have the addition of a sterling online reputation.

Google Reviews and Engaging Content go hand-in-hand to show google that you’re worthy of trust.

Google reviews, your sterling reputation:

What good is it to drive a ton of traffic to your website if ultimately your potential buyer discovers nothing but suspicion , complaints, and evidence that you do not deliver a quality product, service, or result?

In fact, it’s probably the worst case scenario when you have prospects entering your sales funnel, gobbling up staff resources, only to flake out at the end when they discover it’s difficult to trust you. This can tank your Minnesota SEO efforts – and drain you of energy and money.

Your top priority must be to execute in a manner that would cause your clients to give you a five star review, and a high recommendation to even their closest friends.

Your second priority that will align with Google’s, is to mature your online reputation by systematically acquiring reviews from your satisfied customers. This is the primary way, along with creating engaging website content that draws people in, that you can begin to get found on Google as in Minnesota-based small business.

2. Use Inbound Methodology

After making Google’s priorities your priorities through trustworthiness, you can help get found on Google by implementing an inbound marketing methodology.

Inbound marketing is just a fancy word for having helpful, relevant, and value adding content that people want to read and share – particularly the people that match your buyers profile.

Of all the different types of clients you serve, what would you like to focus on?

For your perfect client, what kind of problems are they working through, and what does their life look like?

Inbound marketing methodology does the hard work of identifying your core focus clientele, builds a buyer’s profile about them, then creates helpful and relevant content that will attract that buyer online.

Here at Feedbacwrench web design and marketing, we work with small businesses to help them implement an inbound methodology marketing plan.

At the core of an inbound marketing plan, is well-written, engaging, relevant, helpful, and well distributed content.

Rob Satrom is highly skilled at connecting with business owners, understanding their operations to the core, and portraying their story through blog and website content.

So to get found on Google in Minnesota, you’ll need to be worthy of trust, use an inbound marketing methodology, and then have a technically sound website.

3 – Technically sound website

Most business owners don’t need a fancy website, they just need a professional, helpful, and technically sound website.

One of the easiest ways to discover how your website does technically, is to use HubSpot’s website Garder.

This tool will show you from a very basic level, if your website is technically sound or not.
If you score well on the HubSpot site greater, then it would be important to identify search engine optimization, schema structured data, and Google page speed insights.

Mobile Responsive and fast is the main focus right now for Google, which means you should be aligning to this priority.  If your website requires a reading to pinch and zoom in order to see the website, then you’re about to be booted down the priority list by Google.

Pagespeed is another critical thing for a technically sound website.

You shouldn’t have big and bulky images in your website if you want to win at Minnesota SEO, and the code should be clean enough that it loads as quick as possible.  This is a tension to manage for small businesses because a picture is worth a  thousand words, and beautiful images are what communicate those words the best.  Yet, nothing frustrates the human species like slow internet load times.

Slow Internet and Slow Drivers on the Road Infuriate the Human Race.

XML Sitemap for Minnesota SEO

You need a sitemap for your website, and you need to submit it to Google.  This is the infrastructure that Google will use as a framework for “crawling.”  Without a sitemap, you’re missing out on lots of opportunity for your small business to get found on Google.

The sitemap is critically important!

Social Meta for Facebook

You’ll also want to ensure that your website displays social meta information in a blog post. When you post to social media, the text and picture might be generic from your site, or it might be beautifully displayed.  Here’s what it should look like:

how to get found on google in minnesota

This is nice because if you setup an automatic reposter from Hootsuite or other RSS readers, it will draw clicks because of the specific call to action.  This means you can create content properly once, and post it over and over in social media, simply by sharing the URL.  This is extremely important for a technically sound website – but you need to know how to set it up.

4. Don’t set it and forget it

If you update your website at least once a week, with a helpful article composed of relevant tips, faq’s, and content for your buyer, Google likes it.

In order for your to get found on Google, you should commit to publishing content at least once a week.  But creating engaging and relevant content can be really stressful, and a distraction to small business owners – even if they want to get their small business found on Google in Minnesota.

If you lay the foundation of creating massive amounts of helpful content, you’ll eventually find yourself with a website that kicks out new leads to you everyday, and those leads will have been qualified for you – ready to close into sales!

FeedbackWrench Will Help you Get found on Google.

That was lots to read about Minnesota SEO, and you might be shaking your head that you spent too much time reading that blog post (hopefully it helped). Don’t worry – we’ll do this all for you!

T help you win at Minnesota SEO, we create relevant content for you, set your website up for success, and develop your online reputation SO THAT you can focus on your business.

We’ve found that by making this investment into FeedbackWrench, small businesses will have a never sleeping, always helpful employee on the web.  One that can be at JUST THE RIGHT SPOT, at JUST THE RIGHT TIME for your prospective clients.

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