Minnesota SEO Strategies – The 3 Fundamentals of Long Term SEO


Minnesota SEO Strategies – The 3 Fundamentals of Long Term SEO.

If you’re a Minnesota entrepreneur or business owner that’s trying to gain that magical advantage of showing up in Google’s search engine queries, I’d like to add some value.

The SEO strategies of 2017

Penguin updates, Mobile first initiatives, and the ever changing landscape of technology keeps business owners backpedaling.

Eventually there will be no tricks to get found on google, except through fundamental web development and delivering trustworthy services in your business.

Anything that games the system today, will eventually be shut off by Google.


Because, Google is relentlessly pursuing the best interests of their customers,

Who are Google’s customers? Anyone searching for something on their search engine.

Think about it, how frustrated do you get when you’re looking for a company or a specific solution to a problem, and the only thing that pops up are web results that are bait-and-switch, or trying to sell you something?

Do you get annoyed by click bait that dumps you onto a site with so many popups that your literally stuck on the site?

Product Reviews – a Perfect Example

I’ve noticed that finding true product reviews is often difficult, because with the advent of Amazon Associates and affiliate links, people create “item review” pages for things they really have no perspective on.

I hate when I’m trying to find the best WordPress host, back massager, or iPad car mount, and there are no reviews from actual users – just spammy affiliate link websites.

In a way, these types of unhelpful product reviews are a great example of what Google wants to get rid of.

Soon There’ll Be No Way To Game The Google System

If Google only serves up the results of companies that know how to “game the system,” it wouldn’t be a very good search engine.

But, if Google always serves up relevant, helpful, and trustworthy sources, then we’ll never leave Google’s search engine.

Here at Feedbackwrench, we help Minnesota small businesses go from good to great by developing their web presence and coach them on business development strategies. One of the most important parts of what we do is to help small businesses get found on Google so that the web becomes one of their best employees.

How does a Small Business get found on Google?

It’s becoming more and more difficult to find some “magic bullet,” because Google is protecting the best interests of their client, and making itself “un-exploitable,” serving up relevant, helpful, and trustworthy web content.

At the core of a good search engine optimization strategy, is the principle of trustworthiness.

IS THIS COMING THROUGH? Google is going to help us all out, so that there is no way to exploit their search engine!

How do people exploit the search engines now? Keyword stuffing and backlinks.

For example, if you were searching for a Minnesota Search Engine Optimization Company, I might list out the following types of keyword phrases: (Ha!, now watch how I use some keyword stuffing for my own examples!)

  • What’s the best Minnesota SEO company?
  • Best rated Minnesota SEO company in the Twin Cities
  • Web Design Company Lakeville Mn
  • Web Design Company Richfield Mn

In the past, companies could dominate with SEO by stuffing their website with keywords, and then getting backlinks from as many websites as possible – whether they purchased them, arranged them, or scammed their way into them.
Therefore, in order to win in the long run with Google, we must remember that our primary responsibility is to be a company that is worthy of trust, by delivering results that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Eventually, there will be no tricks to get found on Google, and a business owner will simply need to do a couple of things really well: deliver service worthy of trust, create relevant content that conveys that trustworthiness, and create relevant content that solves problems for their audience.

What are the three core fundamentals for long term search engine optimization?

  1. Relentlessly delivering trustworthy products and services.

  2. Conveying that trustworthiness online through content

  3. Solidifying the trust you’ve earned through your online reputation

1 – Meet and exceed the expectations of your clients

For those of you that clicked on this article to try and read some tips about search engine optimization for local small businesses, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this first fundamental. If you find yourself rolling your eyes at this first fundamental, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Why do I want to focus so much on being trustworthy for search engine optimization?

It’s because if there is any lack of integrity in the way you deliver results, that will eventually be brought to life and harm you in the eyes of the public and Google.

That sounds a little extreme, but I assure you that covering up shoddy service or results, is just like covering up a lie.

While you can lie, and cover something up for a little bit, eventually that lie will gain power in your life and cause problems. Eventually you have to cover up the original lie with more and more lying, and the truth will eventually come out, one way or another.

Even if you manage to conceal a lie (or shoddy execution), you’ll be affected in a very hidden way, because your internal conviction will be impacted.

Delivering Shoddy Service Kills SEO and Your Internal Conviction About Your Company

If you don’t deliver in a manner that’s worthy of trust, you’ll degrade your conviction about your business, you’re employees will turn-over, your sales conversions will languish, and your client’s won’t be long-term clients.

If you don’t meet or exceed expectations, you’ll do the most expensive thing ever – lose customers and have to invest into customer acquisition like crazy.

Remember, the cheapest customer acquisition is to sell to the ones you already have.

Not only that, but retaining your current employees is much cheaper than turnover and continuous rehiring and retraining.

If you don’t focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of your clients, and delivering a trustworthy experience, your entire business will be tanked – and eventually that will find its way online.

This first fundamental of search engine optimization is tapping into these prime truths.

2 – Convey trustworthiness online by creating great content.

Small Businesses can’t get found on Google if they don’t have a continuously growing web presence.

If you don’t create blog posts, YouTube videos, info graphs, and other online assets, there’s pretty much nothing for Google to latch onto and serve up in a search query.

The first part of conveying trustworthiness through online content, is simply creating content.

But content creation goes so much deeper than simple online noise, because Google understands that it cannot allow itself to be manipulated in any manner if it desires to keep the best interest of its clients at the forefront.

Engagement levels matter with your content

Because Google wants to make sure that trustworthy organizations and relevant content are what’s served up to its audience, that means it will be measuring the engagement level people have with your online content.

If you have gobs of blog posts and webpages that do not cause a reader to engage and read, that is a sure fire indicator that your web content is irrelevant, unhelpful, and un-trustworthy.

The result is what’s called a bounce.

If everyone that goes to your website,  immediately clicks off of it, that is telling Google that you don’t deserve search engine results.

So not only do you need to create content, but you need to create relevant, and engaging content for your intended buyer or audience, so that they will at least scroll through and spend some time on your webpage.

Your content must cause people to stay on your webpage and click through some basic portions of the page.

How much web content should you create to help your local small business show up in Google?

The best behavior is to start blogging, or writing something, on a regular weekly schedule.

Imagine if you post once a week for an entire year, and you are left with 52 blog pages that Google can serve up!

Now it would be very helpful if you spend time optimizing these blog posts, so that you’re perfect buyers end up finding it, but it all starts with actually creating some content. If there’s nothing to find, Google’s no help at all.

The first part of online creation, is simply sticking to the strategy and pumping out content.

The second part is to optimize your content for your buyer profile’s search engine habits.

Write blog posts that are answering a question that you’re perfect buyer, demographic, and prospect would be searching for.

3 – solidify the trust you’ve earned through online reputation maturity

An authentic Google review is one of the most helpful things for your small business.

Reviews solidify the trust that you’ve earned, and transforms word-of-mouth referrals into a permanent asset.

An authentic review is a never-ending, word of mouth referral.

Minnesota SEO feedback wrench


The beauty of an online testimonial, or an online review, is that your clients evangelism is no longer left to the whims of a conversation. Word of mouth recommendations are by far the most important type of marketing for a small business, but there’s a major problem with word-of-mouth: it’s left to chance of conversation.

The only way that word-of-mouth woodwork in the real world, is if your evangelist has a conversation with somebody who’s looking for your type of service or a solution in your industry.

If you solidify that word-of-mouth recommendation through a Google review, you now have the advantage of what’s known as inbound Word of mouth referrals

Reviews are an “Inbound,” word of mouth referral!

How much more valuable is it when every person who looks for a recommendation through Google, can find the word-of-mouth referral anytime of day on their phone or computer?

So the first reason why online reputation is helpful, is because it solidifies the trust that you’ve earned, and provides a word-of-mouth referral to the most relevant audience.

Google understands the value of this, and has been helping small businesses out with what’s called the local snippet.

The local snippet comes right after the paid advertisement, and right before the organic search results in a google search query.

This means that Google has decided to help local small businesses get phone on Google, particularly by showcasing the trusts that they’ve earned by allowing Google reviews.

Google has allowed small businesses a tremendous opportunity, because it knows that their customers want this type of solution.

Customers and Google can both find out if you are worthy of trust if you develop your online reputation through Google reviews.

The important thing is to develop your online reputation through Google reviews in a consistent and bona fide manner. It’s critically important than you act with integrity in this Area of search engine optimization. Whatever you do, only have your authentic customers and evangelists reach you on Google if it’s up to you. But remember that not only will your clients that you direct and up reviewing you, but those that you disappoint we’ll find their way to that one star rating.

When you have relevant content and a matured Google review reputation, you will be able to convey that you are worthy of trust and Google will start to serve you up in local search engine queries.


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