Relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients while exceeding expectations.


Contininous learning & pursuit of mastery.


Seek humility, do nothing from selfish ambition, consider others as more significant than ourselves.


We never coddle ideas, and we attack presuppositions with data & the scientific method.

Rob Satrom

President, CEO I’m the father to three beautiful, bold, and intelligent daughters, and I’ve been married to my spectacularly introverted wife Heather, since 2008.  My faith is the most important part of my life, and I’m blessed to have my parents, brother and all my in-laws live here in the Twin Cities – which means there’s too many opportunities to get together and eat (leading to my not-so-small stature). I love tech, videography, photography, drone flying, writing, debate, freedom, superhero movies and movie scores (Hans Zimmer and James Horner are my favorites). My Role in the Company: I’m focused on uncovering our client’s core mission, purpose, values and focus – and then building the messaging and user experience around what we uncover.  Positioning, sales, and SEO are like second nature to me, and I LOVE helping entrepreneurs – which is why I started the company.

Eric Johnson

Marketer, Writer & Videographer Eric helps coordinate our client’s copy and marketing. He has extensive experience and education around creating compelling story, digital marketing, and he’s a social media guru.  Eric has worked as the digital manager for fortune 100 companies and other medium sized corporations. He’s been married to his wife Brooke since 2015, and his family lives near by in the Twin Cities.


Bring Small Businesses From Good to Great:

We exist to help small buisnesses go from good to great, and making the web their best employee.  Building out the right web presence, which includes websites, social media, and other profiles across the web, is a difficult and sometimes technical endeavor that most entrepreners simply cannot do on their own. We exist to help maximize the returns on every effort your put into your business, and to help you build something that lasts for generations.  That means we’re so much more than just a web company, we’re going to make it our goal to provide coaching, advice, and consulting when or if you need it. 

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