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We build fast, easy to update, beautiful websites for your small business.


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Our websites are mobile responsive, built according to Google’s top priorities, all on a technological wordpress package that’s second to none.  We’ve built a reputation by providing value to small businesses, and that’s why we’re one of the fastest growing Minneapolis web design and SEO companies in the Twin Cities.

Should You Use Multiple Domain Names for One Website?

If you’re trying to figure out how to set up a second domain name for your website, then this article is for you. Before you decide on using a second domain name, we want you to know what that will mean for your SEO efforts. Over the last 20...

What is Pogo-Sticking in SEO?

The Worst Possible Outcome in SEO: “Pogo-Sticking” If you’ve ever come across the term “pogo-sticking” in SEO or marketing articles, you’ve probably already gathered that it’s not as fun as it sounds - at least not by this definition. Pogo-sticking, in...

Is Facebook Removing Pages from the News Feed?

Social Media Marketers Beware: Facebook is Testing the Removal of Non-Promoted Posts from the News Feed We spend a lot of time talking about the idea of rented space. Businesses that rely on Facebook to drive their digital marketing strategy might be in...

Buy an SSL for Your Website, Folks!

Alright small business owners, I’m not going to get really geeky here, but I want you to know about an important feature you should purchase and install on your domain name. It’s called an “SSL certificate” and it transforms your website from...

The Importance of Your Business Name for SEO

I used to think business names didn't really matter. But your company name is important for both marketing and SEO. I want to help your company attract more prospective clients - so I want to guide you in naming your business properly. Now that I work to improve small...

Big Pictures Cause Big Problems On Your Site

Do you remember the days of dial-up internet? Any website that had an image would slowly load - section by section. As I say that, I can still hear the AOL dial-up tone and the classic “You’ve got mail,” sounds coming through my Packard Bell computer speakers. If...

Latest Trends and Changes in SEO Heading into 2018

With the lightning speed at which some established internet writing protocols take place, it is even more important to keep up to date. Search engine optimization strategies have not escaped the sweeping tide of change. To not get left behind in 2017, here are a few...

Measuring Content Marketing Campaigns

How Are Content Marketing Campaigns Measured? How do you measure a content marketing campaign? Isn't it difficult to say whether one has succeeded or failed? The short answer is yes. Measuring the success of content marketing campaigns can be very difficult. When...

Getting Backlinks to Convey Trustworthiness

On Google, trustworthiness and relevancy are the pillars of SEO. On other search engines, the idea is similar. On our blog, we talk a lot about the best ways to convey both trustworthiness and relevancy. In this article, we want to focus on trustworthiness...

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