Parking for Navy Pier in Chicago for tourists- how bloggers & free markets helped us!


Trying to find the best parking for Navy Pier? 

We ended up having good luck parking at:

Parking Ramp for Navy Pier at 456 East Illinois, Chicago, Illinois

456 east illinois street parking chicago

This spot was not on Google maps, but can be found by heading west on East Illinois Street away from Navy Pier, and then it’s on your left hand side.  Here’s a picture of the pricing for it as well.  It wasn’t the cheapest option, but it wasn’t overly full and was about $15 cheaper than the other two we drove by.

City Government Didn’t Help us find the best parking and transportation options in Chicago, a travel blogger did.

My Family and I are on our 2017 family vacation, and as part of the trip we decided to drive down to Chicago and watch my cousin play in the All-American baseball game at Wrigley field – WHAT AN EXP.

I had some trepidation about driving in Chicago, but I knew that it would just be bigger, faster, and crowded than Minneapolis – so I figured I could do it.  I wasn’t so worried about driving, as I was about getting stuck in tourist traps like parking ramps, where I’d have to pay $50 a day for parking.

As we sat on the freeway, my wife was scouring the internet to find out where to park in Chicago.  She started out looking for guides on Chicago city and transit websites – but they were really unhelpful.

She landed on a travel blog that spoke specifically to us, the headline reading:

“Low price parking for navy pier in Chicago”

This blogger, and her cohort of other bloggers, had written a perfect how-to guide on how to get around Chicago, which was ten times more helpful than anything the city worked out.

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