Search Engine Optimization Company Mn – 4 Tips to find a great firm (like ours)

I’ve found it’s hard to find a trustworthy and credible SEO company that will provide well-rounded advice to actually get your business from good to great.

As a small business owner, I get three phone calls a day from some firm out of India or New York, promising me that they will help me get found on Google.

Not only do we get called from telemarketers, but I’ve been approached in person, to join several different networking groups by people that “do SEO”, like 7 to 10 times this year.

Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, Dex, Moz and especially those pesky Yext people, are constantly trying to get me to pay some monthly service fee to get me on the front page of Google – which is ironic because it’s what I do for a living!

If any of these companies were really great, wouldn’t their online reputation show it?

But when I look at many of the companies that are constantly calling me, it’s quite easily seen that they are not worthy of trust in almost every case.

We all want our small business on Google

So if you’re a small business or entrepreneur in the Minneapolis, Twin Cities region, how can you find a reputable solution for search engine optimization or “SEO”? How can you find the best solution when you google “search engine optimization company mn?” or “Seo company Mn”

Four things to look for in an SEO company in Minnesota (or anywhere).

  1. Google reviews of themselves and their clients

  2. No evidence of keywords stuffing

  3. Integrity and no over-promising

  4. Well rounded, value adding conversations

1. Google reviews for their own company and their clients

We’ve found through experience, and we believe to our core, that getting traffic to your website is almost futile for a local business, if they are not also obtaining a steady stream of client reviews.

Nothing can be worse for a business then to spend time, resources, and effort on prospective clients that ultimately decide you’re too difficult to trust and therefore say no.

We advise small businesses that all SEO and marketing efforts should not come before obtaining relevant and honest Google reviews from their current clientele.

If a firm thinks a small business should work hard on SEO, execute a pay per click campaign, or invest heavily into a fancy web design before obtaining at least 5 to 20 Google reviews, they’re giving you bad advice.

Google Reviews are the Primary Factor in Local SEO Conversions

In fact, if you spend resources to get your company in front of people, and then they Google your name to see your reviews, remember that Google is going to show them the reviews of your competitors as well. That means that getting web traffic without conveying your trustworthiness through Google reviews, might actually drive sales to your competitors.

It’s good to establish a foundational website, but obtaining Google reviews for your company should be the TOP priority for every small business. 

Their own Google reviews should stand up to basics scrutiny as well.

Because search engine optimization for companies is so dependent on Google reviews and online reputation, it would make sense that any company that would like to come alongside you should have done this for themselves.

That SEO company has No Google reviews? Maybe that’s understandable.

It’s understandable if a company or small business does not have many Google reviews because too few people focus on them.  However, if a so-called “developed” marketing firm has not matured their online reputation, it should serve as a warning to prospective clients.

There are many reasons why a company doesn’t have a mature Google reputation, usually because it’s awkward and difficult to develop a strategy to authentically follow up with clients.

Ultimately, the online reputation should match what the firm is portraying.

In fact, FeedbackWrench is a new company at this point, and all of our effort was put into obtaining Google reviews for my first company – Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting.

2. There should be No Evidence of Keyword Stuffing

All right, you’ve obviously noticed that I’m writing this article with the intent to rank for particular keywords, including “Minnesota SEO company”. But:

there’s a huge difference between assisting Google to understand what your content is about, and keyword stuffing.

If you take a look at the work of an SEO agency, you should not see sentence structures that are difficult to read and are primarily about the keywords within the content.

What you should see on a company website or blog, is helpful content, that is easily read, while portraying meaningful ideas.

Keyword Stuffing could tank Google’s perception of your business. 

Google is on the move in their efforts to ensure that relevant and helpful content from trustworthy vendors are what they serve up to a query.

It’s this investment and clarity from Google, that will cause pages with “stuffed” keywords to be penalized in the future.

Google has already taken great strides in eliminating black hat tactics, and anything that tries to game the system.

Business owners should know Google’s long-term interests..

What are Google’s long-term interests? – To ensure that their search engine is the most helpful to end users so that people never go elsewhere.

If your webpage, or the pages of an SEO firm’s clientele, are filled with keyword stuffed content meant to game the system, that’s a bad deal.

Keyword stuffed content will soon become irrelevant, disregarded, and possibly penalized in Google rankings.

Therefore, in order to choose a great SEO company, you should look for evidence of keywords stuffing.

Rather than stuff keywords to try to trick Google, you should focus on the user experience, quality of content, and whatever else it takes to cause a reader to become engrossed in the consumption of your website content.

Should you forget about keywords? Here at FeedbackWrench, we don’t think so.

The keywords within your content are definitely a helpful tool to communicate to Google, what your content is all about. Google wouldn’t be a very good search engine if it didn’t continue to pay attention to keywords.

Real sentences to engage with people:

Our prediction here at FeedbackWrench, is that Google is going to become extremely sophisticated in the way it digests your websites content and then judges it.

Google will evolve into a competent and engaged English Professor – helping identify the best content on the web that’s relevant, engaging, and trustworthy.

We believe this is true, because it’s fairly early in the inbound marketing era, and the only way Google can win the battle of serving up trustworthy and relevant search results, is to relentlessly pursue quality over quantity content.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to write eloquently, but it does mean your website and blog posts can’t be keyword stuffed nonsense.

Great SEO firms don’t stuff keywords.

3. Integrity and No Over-promising

SEO requires consistent publishing of relevant content, the leverage of social media, and a strategic focus.  This is something that takes time to develop, and great firms know that while there’s lots of low hanging fruit, winning the war means an ongoing relationship.

That’s a hard message for an SEO firm to communicate, because it sounds greedy.

It kind of sounds like when the chiropractor gives the advice for 50 more adjustments……

“So, in order to win, I need to keep paying you?”

That’s not an easy thing to do, so companies with integrity will serve as a guide to you rather than over-promise.

If an SEO company’s telling you that they can do some really magnificent things…… ask for a referral to prove it.

Obtain a referral to ensure that the SEO firm is legit.

4. Well Rounded, Value Adding Conversations

A great SEO company isn’t going to run around with their “helpful content is king” hammer, and hit every problem with it – trying to get you to buy their service.
A great SEO company will ask lots of great questions about your business, and develop a tremendous understanding of your businesses opportunities.

This is important to note, because a legit SEO company should be well versed in all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

This doesn’t mean that they act like they know-it-all, but it does mean that they’ll serve more as a guide to your business, than a salesperson.

Great salespeople are guides, not closers.

Great SEO companies will come alongside with self-employed and small business owners, and show them how to improve their online business.

You should receive advice about:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Maturity
  • CRM integration with tools such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and Salesforce
  • Advice on how all your systems integrate to create a seamless experience for your client and your business

A great SEO company should be guiding you to have a seamless and integrated system for sales and your company.

They should be giving guidance about what email solution to use, CRM, accountant, photographer, and videographer.  They should speak with an understanding of what it’s like to be a business owner – because you’re reality should be somewhat relatable.

While no two entrepreneurs are the same, there is a common bond between us.  And that means that a great SEO company is going to ask great questions around all aspects of your business.

In short, a great SEO company should help your business go from Good to Great….. 

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