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We want to help your small business win with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Amazon Alexa

  • Focus on your core buyer & most relevant regions
  • Beat your competitors with helpful content
  • The Secret Sauce is how our SEO integrates with our entire business development approach
  • Integrated with an inbound marketing strategy to win over the long haul

We’re not just in the business of SEO, we help your business go from good to great.

We take a strategic business approach to dominate your local region – utilizing a combination of SEO, inbound marketing and online reputation maturity. We’ll help you establish a business that not only drives clicks, but that earns and sustains the trust of your community; but you need to do your part by delivering a “5-Star Experience” and being worthy of the trust in your

Minnesota SEO Company for Small Business

Are you a business owner that’s great at executing in your industry, but not necessarily a slick salesperson or a technology guru?  Then we’d love to come alongside you and show you how we’re so much different than your typical firm trying to SEO for small business. FeedbackWrench is an SEO Company in Minnesota that’s dedicated to helping you grow your small business!

Our Minnesota SEO Difference?

We know that for most business owners, they don’t need to spend tremendous resources seeking the first page of Google for their industry or product.  We know that the key is a well rounded business development plan that becomes worthy of trust, cultivates trust, conveys trust to prospects, and solidifies trust through feedback and reviews.  When a small business owner is trying to dominate SEO in Woodbury, Lakeville, Burnsville, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnetonka, Blaine, or any other Twin Cities region – they are best served when SEO is done alongside online reputation management and maturity.

How to get more Google Reviews for Minnesota SEO & Local SEO

Nothing helps a business more than to have a strong website, supported by a steady stream of relevant 5-Star Google Reviews.  A business owner must take action right away to obtain relevant, bon-fide, and authentic reviews for the work that they’ve done and the trust they’ve earned.

Google Reviews are 24 hours a day”Word of Mouth”

In fact, Google Reviews in the new local snippet are the primary focus of everything we do in FeedbackWrench, because we know that it does a number of remarkable things. The first thing is that Google Reviews can help with Minnesota SEO by showing that the business is worthy of trust.  Think about it, how do you shop for things?  Most of the folks I know have a smart phone which they utlize to do research on every decision they make.  When someone searches “Chimeny repair Minnesota” or “your company reviews”, what pops up?

When you search for your industry + local region, what pops up?  It’s critically important that not only do you create a website with Google optimized SEO, but it’s incredibly important that you gain more 5-Star reviews than your competitors.  Right now, people will search for companies that have solid web presences, easy calls to action, great online reputations, and a solid sales follow up afterwards.

SEO Without Online Reputation is Folly

Take a look at even the most attractive firms in the race for Minnesota SEO, and you’ll notice that their “portfolio” companies usually lack a steady stream of 5-star Google reviews to accompany their SEO efforts.

Why does this matter?

Without Google Reviews, it’s hard to Trust you.

What good is it do a pay per click advertising campaign, SEO optimization, or any other types of investments if prospects aren’t assisted in establishing trust by online reputation maturity.

We understand that if you found us by googling “Minnesota SEO and Website Company”, you might have your head spinning a little bit.  What Minnesota SEO company should you trust?  The search for SEO companies in any state, particularly in our great state of Minnesota, can be

The Best SEO Company in Minnesota won’t allow shallow content or keyword stuffing.

If you’re looking for the best SEO company in Minneapolis, the best SEO company in St. Paul Mn or the best SEO Company in the Twin Cities, then here’s what we think you should know:

  • Minnesota SEO firms might be tempted to simply outsource content to extremely cheap writers.
    • has a slew of foreign content writers that will provide “SEO CONTENT”, but in reality it’s un-compelling
  • Google’s Priorities should be your priorities, which means trustworthy, relevant, and well written content should be what you put on your website
  • Usability and proper sentence structure separates the winners from the losers
  • Google wants to connect users to the most trustworthy, professional, and relevant business

Being Worthy of Trust is Therefore a Critical Part of SEO

If you’re going to rank about

SEO for CPA’s in Minnesota

One of our favorite small businesses to help are CPA’s, bookkeepers, accountants, and tax preparers.  We think that search terms like “CPA SEO Mn, Accountant SEO Mn, Bookkeeper SEO Mn, and Tax Prep SEO Mn,” are all up for grabs.

We know that the tax preparation business is brutal, but that line of business was our very first love.  We came alongside two accontants, and helped them build a business that produces $50,000 a month in retainer fees – with only about 120 clients!

If you’d like to build a CPA practice or accounting firm in Minnesota and are searching for the best website tools, seo, or business model – then please contact us right away for a free consultation.

Remember, building a business isn’t just about SEO, it’s also about identifying your core focus, mission, purpose, values, and strategic focus.  When helping as a Minnesota SEO company, we’re coming alongside these entrepreneurs and business owners to create an entire web presence that will serve as their best employee.  If we’re the Minnesota SEO, Minnesota Web designer, or the Minnesota marketing firm working with a Twin Cities business, the first thing we do is help develop a clear vision culture so they have a unified and compelling mission, purpose, values, and core focus.

How to get found on Google in Minnesota

Most business owners understand the importance of Google, but they don’t realize how Minnesota SEO must be integrated with Minnesota CRM implementation, Minnesota social media management, and Minnesota Inbound Marketing.

If you’re asking “how to get found on Google in Minnesota”, we think that it starts with focusing on your core service, buyer, and mission.  Once that’s taken into consideration, we determine what are the core services you’d like to be found on Google for.  You might be trying to win with

  • Chimney Repair Mn,
  • Home builder Mn,
  • Remodeling contractor Mn
  • Best Home Remodeler in Mn
  • Best HVAC in Minnesota
  • Heating Repair Minnesota
  • Air Conditioner Repair Minnesota
  • Best Financial Planner in Minnesota

No matter what Google inquiry you’d be searching, we think that is starts with your vision culture, then we move to your web presence and online reputation.  Once we’ve gotten to that point, we strategically execute on a Google SEO campaign to build out your website in a way that registers for regional centers that matter to you.

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