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Our standard for excellence is that we relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients – and our relentless pursuit gets massive results.

Below we’ll survey our services, but our ability to grow a business starts with a conversation.  So if you’re ready to find ways to improve your business, let’s grab coffee at our office, a Caribou Coffee, or at your office.

Our Tool Box of Services:

Brand Strategy

We work with businesses to create a compelling vision for the future, and plan the online footprint that will attract new customers.

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Leading & owning a business can be Incredibly lonely.

We can help you create a vision & strategic approach to get “there.”

“I’ve built two B2B businesses from the ground up. Not only have I been an owner in need of outside perspective, but I’ve had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of other business owners on everything from marketing, taxes, and finance, to sales and leadership..”

– Rob Satrom

We Provide Informed Perspective.

Business owners follow a predictable route as described in the book “The E-Myth.”

There are three stages:

  1. Technician – Doing the work yourself
  2. Manager – Leveraging others
  3. Entrepreneur – The system & people work without you.

Besides our digital marketing services, we work to uncover, or develop, the heart of a business.

Social Media Management

We create posts, images, and marketing and get them on your social media profiles. More importantly, we know how to get it in front of the right groups.

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We will take charge of making sure your social media profiles look great, and that there is strategic content being shared.

There are plenty of social media management companies out there, but since the late 2018 updates that Facebook made, any company running your social media MUST also specialize in remarketing and paid campaigns.

It’s nearly impossible for your business facebook page to get what’s called “organic” results anymore.  In order to get your posts seen, you need to pay-to-play.

So for Facebook to work for your business, you’ll have to pay.  But there’s a catch.

Facebook has two interfaces – and the regular facebook.

The business manager for facebook allows for in-depth tracking and targeting of your posts.

Give us a call so we can help set your website up for success.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Ready to tap into the power of targeted advertising? We’re gurus at Facebook, Google, and Youtube remarketing.

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Remarketing takes your website visitors, and then serves up targeted ads directly to them.

Remarketing is one of the most important and powerful tools available to closed a higher percent of your website visitors.

Remarketing uses Facebook and Google to create audiences from visitors of your website or specific web pages, and then deliver targeted Facebook Ads, Youtube Content and Google Display ads to that audience.

If you’re not currently doing this, it’s a non-negotiable after the Facebook algorithm updates of 2018.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about growing your web presence in such a manner that it causes Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and other search engines to drive traffic to your website.

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We help local businesses, and national companies, rank for the various topics & industry keywords that matter most to them.

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” is an industry that constantly changes, and companies should invest heavily into this strategy.

SEO is all about:

  1. Identifying search queries that matter
  2. Creating content you’d like to rank
  3. Growing into a trustworthy company or source

We help businesses optimize their site, and do the things over time that will get them results.


Content Planning & Copywriting

We partner with companies to make creating high-ranking content easier for busy businesses.

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Most web design companies will create beautiful designs, but then put the onus on your team to write engaging, relevant, and keyword optimized content.  

When we serve as your outsourced digital marketing team, we will work alongside your team to create engaging content.

You’ll see that our process enables us to write on your behalf, because we’re highly engaged with our clients.

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Ads, formerly Adwords, can easily drive qualified leads to businesses. 

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Predictable sales and traffic can be achieved by using pad Google and Bing Search ads.  Here at Feedbackwrench, we expertly plan, implement and manage your Adwords campaigns for you while also working in a continuous way to improve the performance and CPA (cost per acquisition).  

If you like the idea of investing $1 to return $5, then paid search might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Video Marketing

We work with video production companies, web designers, and businesses to put their video content to work in Video Marketing campaigns.  Whether it’s on Facebook, Youtube, or on their website.

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Video marketing is the science behind your video content.  Youtube, Instagram, Google Search and Facebook all have powerful tools for video marketing, and we’re expertly positioned to help you use video to grow.

Video can easily connect personally with people while also conveying your core value proposition and approach. 

If you’re ready to use video in a meaningful way, then let’s connect for a free consultation. 

Business Software and Tools

We’ll help you implement the best CRM, email, video hosting, CMS, or other tech tools your organization would benefit from.

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We’re really good at helping your organization find the best tools to run in your business.  Our primary areas are helping setup email, Email marketing, and Customer relationship managers.  We love helping people setup both Hubspot, Activecampaign and a host of other services.

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