should I market my ministry

Should I Market My Ministry?

Is It Okay to Market a Ministry?

Okay, we get it. We do Web Presence, SEO, and Video Production for Small Businesses and Ministries. Our opinion on this topic may seem a little biased. But here at FeedbackWrench, we’re committed Christians first, and we really do want what’s best for your ministry. We would never endorse an idea for a ministry that we found to be morally wrong or even financially inappropriate.

In our minds, it is far from wrong to market your ministry or church. However, there are a couple of understandably common concerns ministry and church leaders have when they consider this question. We wanted to address those concerns here. Of course, we’d always encourage you to prayerfully consider your options before making any major decisions.

Aren’t I Just Competing Against Other Ministries?

This is a question many ministry leaders have about search engine optimized marketing. It’s understandable. If someone is searching for “Men’s Ministry MN” then the results are either going to show your men’s ministry or someone else’s. Is it wrong to “compete” for people?

The answer we have for this question is that it is an entirely incorrect assumption. Our goal when marketing for our ministry focused clients is this: we want to bring you face-to-face with people who need to hear the message you’re sharing. If you are looking for people who are lost, we will help you to optimize your content for the questions they are asking. We want a men’s ministry to rank on search engines for a term like “Is cheating really that bad?” as opposed to just “Men’s Ministry”.

should I market my ministryIf your goal is to make better disciples of people who are already Christians, we want to help you rank for the terms those people are searching for too.

Search engine optimized marketing is about drawing people in, but at the same time, it’s about sharing valuable content that people benefit from. In the same way, we use web presence marketing to clearly display this valuable content across social media and your website to provide value to your customers. Video production is yet another tool to draw people into the message you’re sharing. In fact, people are engaging with videos more than any other kind of content.

Won’t God Lead the Right People to Me?

Yes, absolutely! However, what we have seen in the Bible is that God often allows us to take a part in His plan. The first word of the Great Commission is “Go“. God could have asked us to wait around until He brings us people to make disciples of, but instead, He tells us to go and seek these people out ourselves. My belief is that if we are actively doing this, God will help us to find the right people.

Will I Seem Pushy?

Marketing is often seen as aggressive, annoying, and self-centered. Of course, you wouldn’t want someone to describe your church or ministry with these terms. However, not all marketing is pushy and aggressive. If done right, marketing can focus on providing value for your target audience. Marketing doesn’t always have to be about you, it can actually be about your audience too.

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