30 Below with a St. Paul Electrician You Can Trust!

Meeting Jon MOrtenson of Super Electric St Paul Electrician
Meeting Jon MOrtenson of Super Electric St Paul Electrician

Well, it was 30 below zero today, and I met with Jon Mortenson, of Super Electric out of St. Paul Minnesota.

We headed out to meet in St. Paul at the Louisiana Cafe.

As I pulled off 35E, there was a woman panhandling on the side of the road in the 30 below cold. I pulled up and in a fatherly tone asked her “what the HECK are you doing out here? You gotta get inside!”

She told me she needed $30 for rent.

I told her I don’t have cash , but that I had this HUGE 4XLT jacket that she could have if she really thought it would help. She said it would, and I told her that if she’s still there when I get back, I’m gonna push her butt into a building and get her out of the cold.

I arrived at the cafe, grabbed my favorite camera bag and stuffed all my electronics in it and my pockets so that none of my awesome tech would freeze.

The wind was absolutely murderous – and my fingers got cold after 2 minutes even in my gloves.

I walked in and noticed a sign saying they were closed. I stepped out and saw a coffee shop across the road… headed over there, but it was closed too.

Jon and I ended up having to hit up three different locations before finding one that hadn’t closed because of the horrific cold.

We ended up at the Grandview Cafe – which was delicious. I’m looking forward to working with Jon, and it’s amazing how a day of 30 below TEMP will sear a memory in you mind.

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