The Basics of Social Media for Small Businesses


How to Use Social Media as a Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you’ve doubtless been told dozens of times that you need to be utilizing social media to grow your business. It seems easy, but after posting a couple of times, you might realize that it’s not as straightforward as it may have seemed.

After posting a couple of promotional graphics or photos, you might realize that your posts are often liked once or twice, and that they’re only ever seen by a handful of people.

So what’s the solution? You have to engage your audience before you can ever try to sell them anything.

Engaging an Audience on Social Media

According to an article by Sprout Social, the main reason people unfollow brands on social media is that they are overly promotional. They only want to talk about themselves without giving any thought to providing anything of value to their customers.

How do you provide value? Simple. Just consider what your customers want to hear in the first place. If you were following your own company, what would you want to see from its social media pages? Odds are that you would want to come away from viewing a post with something that you value. That could be information, entertainment value, social proof, or something else.

Just engage your audience by taking their side of the trade into consideration. They’re giving you their time, and you should give them something in return. Something more than a boring promotional message.

Engage with your audience and you’ll find that you’re able to sell to them better than you would ever have been able to if you had stuck to blatantly promotional messaging.

Understand the Platforms

Audiences on Twitter are not looking for the same thing as audiences on Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest are actually close to polar opposites according to Curalate. Did you know that according to Curalate’s study, users on Instagram prefer photos that are primarily blue while Pinterest users prefer photos that are primarily red? The differences between platforms are complex and varied. Sometimes even a little bit silly. But if you want to have any success, you have to consider them all.

As such, you can’t treat all of these platforms the same way. You have to take the time to learn each and understand how it works. On Instagram, people are looking to be inspired. On Facebook, they want to be informed. Learning the ins and outs of each network will pay massive dividends if you adapt and play by the unspoken rules.

This takes time, and you’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way, but it’s necessary. Even if you’re not looking to get started on every platform at once, try using it with a personal account just to see how things work. Pay attention to things that are popular on each network, and look out for whatever gets overlooked too.

Social Media Management for Minnesota Small Businesses

If you’re a small business and you’re located in Minnesota, we’d love to help you execute a social media strategy that will help you to convert leads and get results. We know how to engage and build an audience, and we want to partner with you in mastering each platform and getting people to pay attention to your message. Fill out our contact form to get started.


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