The Best SEO Tool for Small Businesses

What’s the Best SEO Tool for Small Businesses?

Every small business owner gets calls and emails from firms telling them how they can help with Google rankings. I get a couple emails and several phone calls every single day from firms based out of India, New York, California, or other tech industry hotspots. They’re all trying to get me to sign up for their services.

Every small business owner I know wants to have Google and the web become like a great employee for them. But it can be really overwhelming and confusing trying to understand what type of company can come alongside you and help.

Here at FeedbackWrench, we partner with small business owners to help them make the web their best employee by establishing a search engine optimized web presence, publishing relevant content, and connecting with people through social media and video.

Here’s a Tip – Google My Business Pages are the Best SEO Tool for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, you need to set up a page on Google My Business – also known as GMB.

Not sure how to get started with a Google My Business page? Follow our basic guide here:

A Couple Reasons Why a Google My Business Page is the Most Important SEO Tool for Small Businesses

best seo tool for small businesses

1. You’re Cozying Up With an Industry Leader

Think about it, Google is the search engine that everyone wants to win with today.

Why is Google the most relevant search engine in the world? It’s because they relentlessly pursue the most innovative business solutions.

That’s right, I think that Google has provided small businesses with the best free tools available for local SEO. Facebook extorts small businesses for any movement in their posts, Yelp seems to be a giant scheme to extort money out of business owners, Houzz, Thumbtack, and Homeadvisor have simply dominated the SERPS around every local keyword that a small business would want, and then extort business owners through cost per leads.

Google, however, provides a free Google My Business page and works rigorously to ensure that only trustworthy practitioners and businesses are allowed to flourish with their tool.

So the Google My Business page is great because it doesn’t require small businesses to fork out any cash to build a solid foundation for search engine optimization.

If a small business owner takes their Google My Business page and creates a compelling presentation through descriptions and images, and portrays the trust that they’ve captured in real life through Google reviews, Google will reward the small business with solid representation in the local snippet.

So not only has Google provided a tremendous tool that a small business owner can use to grow their web presence in a low-cost or no cost way, but when a business owner decides to mature their Google My Business presence, they are coming alongside the most dominant tech company on the web.

Google’s search engine is the most dominant because they have worked relentlessly at ensuring that their system is not based on extortion or opportunistic shortcuts.

Here at FeedbackWrench Web Design, SEO and Marketing, you will hear us talk about how Google makes sure that it is not exploited in any way, shape, or form.

Because Google makes sure that it is not being exploited, that means that people continue to use it.

Beyond their commitment to illuminating exploits, Google is innovating through machine learning and artificial intelligence in a manner that is blowing the socks off of every other tech giant.

So Google has provided a tremendous tool, and Google is the dominant player with which most small business owners should be cozying up to.

2. It Helps Capture, Solidify, and Convey Trust

A Google My Business page is a tool that allows small business owners to solidify the trust that they earn in the real world and immortalize it on the most powerful search engine on the internet.

Business is all about finding people to pay you and then doing what it is you said you would do in a manner that’s worthy of trust. Trust, and being worthy of trust, are the most critical foundations of a healthy business.

If a business wants to attract new sales, then they should work tirelessly at delivering results which meet or exceed the expectations they set.

When small businesses have met or exceeded the expectations they set with their prospects, then they will earn trust because they did what it was they said they would do.

Google Reviews Solidify Trust

Google Reviews Immortalize a Word-of-Mouth Referral

A business based on word-of-mouth must solidify that trust on a Google My Business page.

The small businesses that we are working with right now are often heading in an upward and forward direction with their business, which is why we focus on solidifying and conveying the trust that they’ve earned so that they build brand equity and can more easily convey the trust that they worked so hard to earn with their clientele.

The Google My Business page is a phenomenal tool to get Google reviews, which are one of the most important, if not the most important, tool for small business concerned with local SEO strategies.

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