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The Two Ingredients to Local SEO

What Does Great Local SEO Look Like?

  • How many leads does your website bring in each month?
  • How many leads a month does your top competitor get from their web-presence?
  • Are you dominant in the Search Engines or are your competitors?

FeedbackWRENCH helps successful Minnesota small businesses go from good to great by making the web their best employee.  For a flat monthly fee, we’ll build a web-kingdom that dominates with SEO, web design, and marketing.

What do dominant Small Businesses do to win online?

They follow Google’s Priorities.

Right now, Google rewards companies and websites that have relevant content & are trustworthy.

Relevant Content

When your website and Google My Business page have information, tips, tricks, and content that’s relevant to your end user, then Google will want to connect a search query to your search results.

minnesota local seo for small businessTrustworthiness

Trustworthiness is the most important part of SEO in 2017.  Trustworthiness is measured in a number of ways, including on-page technical factors, bounce rates, page speed, review signals, and backlinks.

These two principles are at the core of what good SEO, and good business, is all about.  You need to create relevant content for your end-user, and then build up ways to portray your trustworthiness over time – assuming you’re actually trustworthy.

Google’s Priorities are Relevant Content & Trustworthiness

For Small Businesses:

  • Relevant Content = Web Page, Blog, and Image Creation.
  • Trustworthiness = Review Signals, Technical SEO & Backlinks

These two ingredients are the macro-level requirements to make the web your best employee.


What is a “SERP?”

It stands for search engine result page.  After you hit “search” on Google, up pops the SERP.

After you hit “search” on Google, up pops the SERP.

On the top, you’ll almost always have paid advertising showing for Google Adwords and Adwords Express. A business owner can build out a landing page, create a short Adword display, and then pay to have it show up.  There’s a bidding process where people compete over different keywords.  This is called “PPC” or “pay per click” advertising.

After the Adwords paid advertising comes an area that has multiple names:

  • The Local Snippet
  • The Local 3 Pack
  • The Local Snack Pack
  • GMB Listings
  • Google Maps Listings

This area shows local businesses that are tied to that search query.

After the Google My Business pages, there are what’s called “Organic Results.”

The Organic Results are propagated by Google’s algorithm.  It takes into account hundreds of factors to determine what website shows up in these “organic” search engine results.

Paid Adwords – Google My Business – Organic Results – What’s Most Important?

They each have their benefits, but the holy grail is to work your way to be the top result in the organic search results, while also having a strong local Google My Business page.

local seoOrganic Search Results are prized because they are free.  If you create the most relevant content, with the most SEO signals, you have a chance to grab the coveted first page results.  Studies show that the first spot in organic search is the most prized possession because it has nearly 10 times the traffic than any other spot.

Paid Adwords are Turbo-Boosters & Multipliers

With Google Adwords, you’ll pay a fee to display your ad, and for clicks on your ad.  I actually thought that “pay per click” meant I only had to pay if something worked – that’s not really the case at all though.

Adwords is useful when a company is first starting to build their web presence and to drive some traffic to their website.

While you might pay nearly $10 a click to show your ad, if you’re strategic enough with that ad you might transform a large portion of leads into business.

If you could trade $500 for $30,000, would you?

That’s the idea behind Google Adwords, and all marketing for that matter.  You invest money to acquire clients that have higher lifetime values.

Local Snippet & Google My Business Page

Here at FeedbackWRENCH, we consider the local snippet or “Google My Business” search results to be the most important marketing tool for every single small business.

A Google My Business page is free to set up, and if you optimize it and mature it, it can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website and phone.  

Pulling it All Together

Trustworthiness, Relevant Information & Local SEO

So here’s what it comes down to:

  1. Setup your Google My Business Page
  2. Earn and attract 5-Star reviews from clients
  3. Create engaging, meaningful, and helpful content on your website
  4. Share that information on your social media accounts
  5. Develop a solid website presence that helps your local & organic results


  • Tune into your core buyer, and align to their needs and questions – add value.
  • Write a blog update or web page just about every week
  • Find ways to build up your Google reviews & other relevant reviews
  • Ensure you have technical on-page SEO
  • Build up references in the form of “backlinks”

Do these things, and you’ll find that your well on your way towards the front page.

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Entrepreneur, father, personal finance expert, husband, and founder of and Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting. I love helping small businesses

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