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Let's Grow Your Small Business Online

Bring your Business from Good to Great

The web should serve as your best employee ever by:

  • Drawing in Leads
  • Being a Sleepless Salesperson
  • Cultivating Trust with Clients and Prospects
  • Providing Referrals
  • Capturing and Solidifying the Trust You’ve Earned With your Clients

We design websites that are inspiring, easy to navigate, rank well on search engines, and communicate the level of excellence that you’re business operates at.  We utilize a program called “WordPress” which almost 25% of the entire world’s websites are created on.  We want your website to be a tremendous value, which means we focus on functionality, professionalism, helpfulness, and executing what’s known as an “inbound marketing methodology” where we draw in your dream buyers through web content that’s helpful and relevant to the problems they’re trying to solve.

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Convey the Trust You’ve Earned

If you’ve built a business on word of mouth referrals, then a website will simply multiply your efforts. Minnesota business owners cheat themselves by not solidifying the trust they’ve earned through a professional website. We’ll help you dive into earning trust, solidifying your word-of-mouth referrals online, and conveying the trust you’ve earned on your website and Google.

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Technically Sound Websites

We need to make Google’s priorities, our priorities – if we want Google to serve our content in a search query. We build websites that are technically sound so that they’ll load fast, abide by Google’s priorities, and perform well as the landscape changes.  We’ll do the hard work of setting up your website so that it has all the ingredients important to Google and other search engines.

Mobile First & Inbound Methodology

People jump on their phone and search for tips, help, and guidance concerning their problems.  If you have helpful content developed for your buyer, then they’ll be introduced to your company by your content – and this is done on a phone. We’re primarily business consultants that help small businesses execute on marketing tactics aligned with an overall strategy.  Mobile devices and an inbound methodology are strategic focuses to succeed on the web.

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Websites are only Part of the Solution

A web presence requires many different services, such as on page SEO, off page SEO, inbound marketing, a system to manage leads, social media engagement, and reputation management.  If you don’t convey trustworthiness through a mature Google review presence, any web traffic that’s obtained might never convert to customers because your reputation isn’t great.

Take our Small Business Snapshot Quiz

Do you wonder if there’s any low-hanging fruit that your business could take advantage of by making some investments into your website?  Find out by having us perform our no-cost analysis.

Fancy Websites

We’ve been working with small businesses for a couple of years now, and we’ve found that one of the worst things a small business can do is get manipulated into thinking that they should invest massive dollars into a fancy website with all sorts of bells and whistles in a pigeon holed solution. Go through the different websites for both small businesses and large, and you’ll see lots of flare, and deep attention to form over function.

So what function should your website perform?

As a Web Design Company Mn, we believe that a website should be simple, clean, functional, and technically sound. A website for a Minnesota business owner should make Google’s priorities their priorities, and not be too committed to one programming language or system.

We think that the website is a critical aspect of your online presence, so we take great care in developing it with the same attention to detail and care that we would for our own websites.

WordPress Website Company Mn

WordPress is a “CMS” or, content management system.  We love WordPress because it’s what nearly 25% of the universe’s websites are built on. Doesn’t that mean that your content is going to be a template that won’t stand out?  Absolutely not.

WordPress enables full customizable content, but also has the benefit of the mass adaptation which means it has influence.  Wordpress can be easy to operate and update.  The main function that a business owner will use on WordPress is publishing blog posts, pictures, and other content that’s relevant to their prospective client.  We love WordPress because it’s “shallow” enough for a beginner to navigate, yet deep enough for a Minneapolis Web Design company to swim through with more competency.

WordPress plugins are another aspect that  we love.  Plugins are little pieces of custom made code that can adjust the functionality of the website – and there’s a mature market of programmers providing helpful wordpress plugins both for free, and paid.  It’s critically important when doing web design in Minnesota, we ensure that the plugins you use are reputable, relevant, and not getting in the way of the goal of abiding by Google’s priorities.

WordPress Themes provide a familiar infrastructure to operate on, and a general ability to tweak for your brand.  We love using the industries fastest WordPress themes that are easy to use, and provide tremendous customization – with guardrails.

Best Company Mn

What happens when you search differnet terms for your industry?  For example, if you were looking for a great SEO and Web Design company in Minnesota, Minneapolis, St. Paul, or anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area and interstate 494, 394, 694 loops, perhaps you’d search like this:

  • Best Web company mn
  • website design company Mn
  • Website design firm mn
  • Website company mn
  • Web design for small business Mn
  • Web design company near me
  • Web company mn
  • Web companies for construction companies, HVAC, Real Estate Agents, etc.

You might search a number of different terms, and here at FeedbackWrench, we know that you’d like Google to show your company when Minnesota prospects are searching those relevant terms.  What happens when you search for XYZ company YOURTOWN MN?  Do you pop up in the paid search. local snippet, or the organic search results?

A website must be built out with great form and function, and yet it must also have enough content on it that Google will dish up your site as a relevant and trustworthy solution in a Google search.

This can be a daunting thing, to create enough content that you’ll be able to rank for the hundreds of different keyword combinations – but luckily that’s an ongoing evolution rather than an over-night, one-time fix.

FeedbackWrench comes alongside small businesses to serve as their outsourced marking and web design team that focuses on creating content like this.  We’ll spend time crafting content that not only drives web traffic, but that converts visitors to prospects, and prospects into paying clients.

Web Design Company for CPA’s Accountants, and Bookkeepers

If there’s one industry that we know that best, and understand how to get found on Google – it’s accountants, bookkeepers, payroll companies, and CPAs.

In fact, we believe that this is one of the most cheated industries in the United States, because we’ve found that when you’re looking for “websites for CPAs,” you’ll come across well-meaning, but irrelevant and unhelpful template solutions – such as CPASITESOLUTIONS.

We’re sure that they’re a great solution as a website company for CPAs for some, but their content is a fully automated template system that makes duplicate content.  Why does that matter to CPAs?

CPAs and Accounting Firms want to be found when business owners search:

  • Accountants in Minnesota
  • Minnesota Accountants
  • Best Bookkeeper Minnesota
  • CPA in Minneapolis Mn
  • CPA Mn
  • CPA Minneapolis Mn
  • CPA ZYZ city Mn

They’d love for Google to serve up their content to everyone searching for those terms, but what you’ll find from a solution like CPASITESOLUTIONS is duplicate content.  Google is working diligently to ensure that they’re search engine provides the best search results for companies in Minnesota, so that consumers continue to choose Google over Bing, Yahoo, or other search engine options.  Because Google wants relevant and trustworthy information for people searching “CPA Mn,” they work hard to omit and penalize anything that looks like spam.

Template sites create duplicate content – which you can check for at Copyscape.

Think about it, if you’re a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper or tax firm in Minnesota, should Google serve up pages that are just copy and paste templates?  If you could use a robot to just copy and paste, wouldn’t your then be able to outrank every other CPA company in the Minnesota region by pumping out duplicate content?

If you’re using CPA site solutions, or other template website solutions, I highly recommend that you check your website for duplicate content, and then read up on teh penalties of duplicate content.

There’s hope

If you’re a CPA, accounting firm, bookkeeper, or tax preparation service that’s been able to survive with a terrible website with duplicate content, non-mobile-friendly, or unique keyword SEO, then you should know that they’re will be lots of low hanging fruit when we get you into this process.

If you’ve been able to run your business without a steady stream of 5 Star Google reviews, SEO, or unique website content, then we’ll be able to multiply the success you already have very easily.

Hubspot Company Mn

Having a website that’s functional and drives traffic is one thing, but it’s amazing when you’re empowered with the industry leading, and best value CRM and sales stack tool.

Hubspot integrates with the websites we build beautifully, and their Free CRM, $50/month sales tool, and free marketing services will provide you with the tools to stay organized and connect in a more meaningful way with your prospective clients.

With Hubspot, you will store all the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of both your clients and your prospects.  When your fellow Minnesotan prospects jump onto an opt-in form on your website, they’ll automatically get synced into the Hubspot interface so you can call them, send emails, and take notes.

We’ve worked with Salesforce, Method CRM, and a host of other CRM solutions for small businesses, and Hubspot provides a perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and helpful features.

For example, with Hubspot, you can create a sales pipeline with a deal for your prospect so that you can monitor where in the sales process (or service process) you are. When you email that prospect within the Hubpsot smartphone app, you’ll be notified the moment they open it, and where they navigate after clicking any links.  This means that when you send an email to a prospect in the morning, you’ll be informed the exact moment they open it, which allows you to call when that busy business owner finally has time to get through their emails.

Hubspot has a very robust, and varied service offering – but we think the free CRM, and $50/month sales tool, are an absolute wonder when it’s integrated with the websites we create.

If you’re looking for a Web Design Company Mn or a Minneapolis Web Design Company – we’d be honored to have an opportunity not only to develop your website, but to provide you with the tools necessary to take your Minnesota small business from good to great!

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