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What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization.


Modern SEO is the practice of developing your web presence into an authoritative source, with relevant solutions to Google Queries.


There are three sections to a SERP or a Search Engine Results Page:

1 – AdWords paid advertising
2 – the local snippet
3 – organic search results

It all starts with a question or a query.

When someone performs a Google search, Google then has the difficult task of trying to provide not only the most relevant information, but finding information that is authoritative and trustworthy.

Once Google has been asked a question, it needs to find an answer.

Does your website have answers on it?

That’s the first and primary thing that people miss when it comes to search engine optimization – they forget that it’s really all about having answers to the questions that people search, and having it on the website.

Sure, your company might be the authority on the subject, but if it’s not on the website, chances are slim that you’d be served up as a solution to the query.

But not all queries are the same:

Think of how drastically the intent of these queries differ:

  • SEO tips for small business
    SEO small businesses
    SEO for small businesses
    SEO Tools for Small Businesses

One of those queries probably means they’re looking to do it themselves, another wants it done for them, and another might be an SEO firm looking for tools.

Intent behind queries matter, and if you’d like to determine the meaning of SEO, it would be a good idea to think hard about questions, intent, and solutions.

Don’t Try To Trick Google.

Over the last 15 years search engine optimization has changed quite a bit. Google’s number one pursuit is to ensure that the search customer has relevant results and is connected to the most authoritative or trustworthy solution. But how can Google tell that?

For years, SEO was all about stuffing keywords into your content, getting low quality backlinks, and trying to manipulate google into serving up your website as a solution to a query.

SEO has come a long ways now that Google has machine learning and artificial intelligence to continue to vet their search engine results page candidates.

SEO is all about creating highly valuable and relevant content and becoming authoritative around the subject matter.

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