How to buy your first investment property with Duplexes & Multifamily

Get Rich and Avoid Taxes with Duplex Real Estate Investing How to get started in Real Estate Investing  Want to buy a Duplex, Triplex or Quadplex? Check out The Duplex Doctors.   Wondering how to get started with investment property or rental property? Check out this video collaboration between myself and Drew Hoefler of TheDuplexDoctors.com…

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8 Things NOT to do When Starting a Small Business

how to start a business

How to Start a Business 8 Things Not to Do When Starting a Business 1 – Don’t stay stuck – just go execute and get some reps under your belt. When you’re starting out, remember that it’s all about adding value. When you can add value, you’ll earn revenue – but remember that you need…

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Entrepreneurship is the Great Equalizer

How Entrepreneurship Levels the Playing Field Nothing equalizes people more than entrepreneurship, and yet nothing separates or divides the haves and the have nots like those who understand how to build a business and those who remain an employee. There’s nothing wrong with being an employee – we’re just highlighting the fact that entrepreneurship is accessible…

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The Clarity Sobriety Brings for Entrepreneurs

the clarity sobriety brings for entrepreneurs

The Clarity Sobriety Brings for Entrepreneurs Addiction is a plague on entrepreneurship.  Nobody does their best work when they’re hungover. When you’re off drinking or lying in bed hungover, there’s a competitor getting a leg up on you. If you’ve fallen into the trap of smoking marijuana throughout the day, I promise you that those…

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