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Learn Facebook Advertising Yourself

I'll teach you how to get started in Facebook Advertising, as well as some advanced tips.

Google Ads and Google Search engine optimization by feedbackwrench

Relevance and Trustworthiness

Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization is less about a quick polish, and more about maturing into the kind of organization and website that Google & Bing will bring “their” customers to.

Advertise to your Website visitors on Facebook & Instagram.

Strategically track users & maximize your remarketing opportunities.

Execute big and small strategies.

FeedbackWRENCH SEO Approach

Search Engine Optimization services can be really squishy, here are some of our approaches.

White Hat SEO

Our approach to SEO is to stick to the approved foundations, and never risk penalties or losing the ROI because a gimmick was used. We help you become relevant and trustworthy over time

Keyword Research

Keywords should not only be relevant to your industry, but they should be tied tightly to your businesses unique “hedgehog approach,” so we attract your core customer for your best service.

Local SEO

Local SEO is what really gets us excited, because we love helping small businesses maximize their efforts and grow. If you want to dominate your region and sector, then we’re the ones to call.

Remarketing with SEO

It’s critically important to maximize the traffic you are getting by executing on good remarketing campaigns to serve up ads in Youtube, Facebook, Instgram and Google Display to people that have visited your site.

Facebook Marketing for Businesses, Face to Face.

You get a dozen spam calls a day from marketers & web companies, we're here to be your local Minnesota teammates.

Websites Big or Small

Websites for any scale or production level.

Video Services

We create commercials, Youtube content, product showcases and more - at any production levels.

Digital Marketing & SEO

We can help you rank in the search engines, drive leads with Instagram, or dominate with Paid Search on Google or Bing.

St. Paul Facebook Marketing Agency

Owner & Founder, Rob Satrom.

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We're a people-first company. We relentlessly pursue our client's best interests, and we work to be enjoyable while we do it. Let's grab pizza at Big River, coffee at the Salty Tart, or connect at our St. Paul offices or yours. We value people and enjoy our time with our clients.


We get results, and we'll develop digital and video assets that help you over time, not tie you down to a service agreement or bureaucracy.  We'll treat you and your company like we would our Mothers.


We get your results, and we'll help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, web design, SEO and PPC advertising. Our team invests in the best tools and training to provide our clients with modern, relevant solutions.

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