Xendoo: The Small S-Corp Holy Grail for Payroll, Bookkeeping Service, CPA, Accounting 1120s, and Tax Returns

Xendoo the Best Payroll, Accounting and Tax for S-COrps

If you don’t know this already, implementing an S-Corp can save you a ton in taxes. If you’re an S-Corp though, you’ll need: Payroll Service 1120s Corporate Tax Return Good CPA Advice to manage the tension between a reasonable salary and distribution. Bookkeeping & Accounting Corporate Documents Well, I’ve found the HOLY GRAIL of Accounting…

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DOMINATE LOCAL SEO: How to Advertise Google My Business Reviews on Adwords with Location Extensions

DOMINATE LOCAL SEO: How to Advertise Google My Business Reviews on Adwords with Location Extensions

All right, well hey everybody. Rob Satrom from Feedbackwrench. We help small businesses go from good to great and I want to help general contractors, construction workers, services business. It can be house cleaners, chimney repair, kitchen remodelers, concrete driveways, concrete repair, any service based business. I’m going to show you how to utilize Google…

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How to post to your Facebook Business Page on a phone

it sounds silly, but it can get really confusing trying to learn how to post to your business page, particularly after you’ve converted to the business. Facebook.com account. in this quick video I’m going to show you how to grab your phone, and post to your business Facebook page as well as how to quickly…

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30 Below with a St. Paul Electrician You Can Trust!


Well, it was 30 below zero today, and I met with Jon Mortenson, of Super Electric out of St. Paul Minnesota. We headed out to meet in St. Paul at the Louisiana Cafe. As I pulled off 35E, there was a woman panhandling on the side of the road in the 30 below cold. I…

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How to Speed up a Godaddy WordPress Website

how to start a business

Why is my Godaddy Hosted WordPress Website Slow? If you found this, it’s probably because you’re frustrated with the slow performance of your GoDaddy website. There’s one thing that will speed up your GoDaddy hosted WordPress website, and it’s been particularly important in 2018. Hopefully you’ve done the basics of making your website fast by doing…

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Shooting Your Own Video: 4 Favorite Tools & 11 Tips When Using a Smartphone

Shooting Your Own Small Business Videos Entrepreneurs, brokers, small business owners and freelancers should all be creating content for their websites, social media, and Youtube. Why? Well, content allows people to connect with you, Video platforms are given extra “reach” and SEO, and Video is worth a million words. When it comes to video content, I…

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4 Basic Steps to Massive Facebook Success

4 Steps for Massive Facebook Success Before I give you the 4 Steps for Massive Facebook success, let me propose an idea to you: Facebook is the best tool your small business, agency, or organization has to drive business. What makes me say that? Because It’s the most ubiquitous platform EVER, and yet you can…

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How to buy your first investment property with Duplexes & Multifamily

Get Rich and Avoid Taxes with Duplex Real Estate Investing How to get started in Real Estate Investing  Want to buy a Duplex, Triplex or Quadplex? Check out The Duplex Doctors.   Wondering how to get started with investment property or rental property? Check out this video collaboration between myself and Drew Hoefler of TheDuplexDoctors.com…

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